3 fun and unusual things to do at your wedding reception

August 6, 2019 9:22 am

If your wedding ceremony is supposed to be an occasion of (relative) seriousness, your wedding reception should feel like nothing of the sort. The latter will be truly the time to let your hair down and that of your guests, so don’t neglect it when you’re planning your big day!

Now, plenty of us have been to wedding receptions that have ended up feeling a little clichéd or even worse, straitlaced and boring. So, how can you ensure your own reception has that flavour of something a bit different, while still definitely being fun?

Play the ‘shoe game’

This is one to be played purely by you and your sweetheart, with your guests serving as the audience. The idea is that you each take a seat back-to-back to each other, holding one of your shoes and one of your partner’s shoes. In response to questions asked by the host, the two of you hold up the shoe that corresponds with your answer.

There are so many fun questions that can be asked for this game, ranging from “Who said I love you first?” and “Who is quicker to anger?” to “Who dresses better?” and “Who got the best grades in school?” No doubt there will be plenty of giggles from the attendees at the responses…

Set up an interactive food station

While the serving of food is one of the most stereotypical and expected aspects of a wedding reception, you don’t have to just put out some dishes and leave it at that. That’s because there’s also the option to set up some interactive food stations, such as a mac-and-cheese bar or somewhere to roll sushi, so that your guests can customise their cuisine in line with what they most like.

Hire an LED white starlit dance floor

Sure, it’s also typical to have somewhere at a wedding reception venue for guests to boogie… but how many wedding receptions have you ever attended where the dancefloor was a jaw-dropping visual spectacle in its own right?

Well, that’s something we can make possible for you here at Save the Date, when you pick us for LED dancefloor hire in Hertfordshire, Essex or London. We don’t clean our starlit dancefloors at the beginning and end of each use just because it might be a nice thing to do… we also care about ensuring your dancefloor quite literally lights up the room, serving as an amazing focal point.

No doubt that your wedding photographer and videographer will also be thankful for your decision to hire one of these stunning-looking dancefloors – as well as your bank manager, come to think of it, given that we can provide one at a highly competitive price or as part of a great-value package.

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