5 questions to ask yourself when planning an engagement party

August 12, 2019 4:11 pm

Are you the kind of person who makes any excuse for a party? Well, the confirmation that you and your beloved will be tying the knot definitely sounds like a good enough excuse to us! So, be sure to ask yourself the below questions to ensure you get every detail of your preparations just right.

When will I be holding the party?

While the traditional time for a couple to hold an engagement party is at the same time they make the general announcement, this isn’t always practically possible. So really, any time between the moment you get engaged and the wedding will perfectly suffice – although we would suggest a Friday or Saturday night, so that your guests don’t have to worry so much about getting up early the next day.

Who will I invite?

Tradition also comes into play here, with the engagement party guests usually being the wedding guests. But of course, this tends to be the case for very practical reasons too, as you won’t want to create expectation that is then awkwardly dashed by inviting someone to your engagement party, but not your wedding. Other than that, there are no hard-and-fast rules about who you should and shouldn’t invite – just think family, friends and whoever else you wish to invite.

Where will I hold the party?

Everyone’s tastes are different when it comes to something as personal as an engagement party, so we would suggest that you follow your instincts on this one. For every couple who lean towards the idea of a more extravagant party at a fairytale venue, there’s another couple who are just as happy organising something ‘down to earth’ at their local pub or restaurant. Don’t forget about those quirky venue options such as art galleries or skyscrapers, either.

Who will be in charge of what?

Depending on just how formal and luxurious you expect your engagement party to be, there may be the need to assign roles and responsibilities to different people. Will someone be making formal introductions between guests who don’t know each other? Do you need to have a specific person in charge of looking after the engagement gifts you receive? What about, if you aren’t hiring a professional photographer or videographer, having a few friends or relatives snap or record the evening’s celebrations for posterity?

What will I be doing for entertainment?

Again, there’s a lot that you can do here, but music is likely to be key to getting the jubilant atmosphere just right. You might have acoustic sounds playing if you want your event to have a more understated vibe, or if the evening will be all about getting people on the dancefloor… well, you’ll need to hire the perfect dancefloor. That’s where white starlit dancefloor hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London from the Save the Date team is likely to prove invaluable.

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