5 tips for holding a successful Hertfordshire promotional event

September 23, 2019 1:53 pm

Promotional events have long been a great way to generate a real ‘buzz’ about a brand, product or service – and let’s face it, there can surely be few better parts of England in which to organise one than Hertfordshire. This green and historic county offers no shortage of enchanting backups for such an event, which will help all of your event attendees to remember it for the right reasons.

There are definitely certain things that you can do to boost your chances of event success still further, though. Here are just some of them.

Decide what the purpose of the event is

Before you even think about the venue that you might like to book or the budget, you need to be sure what your reasons are for actually holding the promotional event. After all, these things will impact on how you spend your limited budget in the first place. Will your event be a learning or educationally-themed one, for instance, or will it be mainly an interactive or even charity event?

Set realistic goals for the event

A key factor in ensuring your Hertfordshire promotional event is a successful one, is setting goals for it that are realistically achievable. So, be sure to put together a solid marketing plan, addressing such things as your target audience for the event, the kind of impression you want to make on these would-be guests, and any other desired measurable outcomes, such as sign-ups or sales generated.

Come up with the little touches that’ll make it unique

Memorability is obviously something that you will want your promotional event to deliver, but key to ensuring this will also be social ‘buzz’ in the run-up to the event and on the day. Maybe you could organise something like a photo caption contest or scavenger hunt, with prizes – such as VIP experiences or free tickets – that aren’t on offer anywhere else? Or what about presenting special offers or discounts for your brand’s products or services that, again, can only be accessed by those in attendance at the event?

Give it the promotion it deserves

Have you come up with a one-of-a-kind hashtag that will assist everyone promoting and discussing your event on social media? Do you have an event page on Facebook, or even perhaps a dedicated Twitter account for the event? Do the key influencers in your industry know about the event, and have they put the word out among their own followers and contacts that the event is happening?

Consider a Magic Mirror photobooth

You might have heard a fair bit about ‘Magic Mirrors’; they’re also sometimes referred to as ‘Selfie Mirrors’, and are among the ‘big new things’ that have been helping to illuminate promotional events across Hertfordshire, Essex and London. If you’re situated in any of the aforementioned areas of the country, in fact, and would like to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth, we can give you a great price for three hours’ hire, thereby also helping to bring more fun to your promotional event.

Would you like to find out more about how the Save the Date team can assist in making your Hertfordshire promotional event a hugely memorable one that delivers the outcomes your business or organisation desires? If so, simply give us a call now, on 07854 457776, or send us an email.