How to ensure brilliant Instagram-ready photos at your Essex wedding reception

June 14, 2019 3:55 pm

We’re sure here at Save the Date that if you’re set to tie the knot any time soon, you’ll have got in touch with your dream professional wedding photographer to take the images of you, your beloved and your big day that will be gracing the family album for a lifetime to come.

However, professional wedding photography isn’t the only kind of wedding photography. The chances are, after all, that the various guests you’ve invited to your reception will be bringing along their smartphones, and might want to take a few snaps with you, your new spouse and the (no doubt beautiful!) venue you’ve chosen for this stage of your special day.

So, how can you help to ensure every photo emerging from your wedding celebrations is worthy of sharing across social media? Here are some of our favourite tips.

Keep it simple, sweetie

The KISS approach is great for so many things in life, and especially when it comes to amateur wedding photography. Standing about three feet in front of a plain wall for those selfies and Instagram portraits, for example, will help to avoid annoying shadows and other distracting visual ‘clutter’.

Experiment with lighting, angles and cropping

Presuming you’ve hired a professional photographer to document the really big stuff, when you’re just taking a few casual shots with a smartphone camera, you’ve got a lot of scope to toy about with various things. Take both indoor and outdoor shots, for instance, ensuring a good amount of natural light in both. You may also be surprised by how much you like a certain angle, or how well a non-centred image works. Adding a bit of contrast in an image editor might be a sound idea, too…

Hire a Magic Mirror photobooth

These are the things you’ve probably heard all about, and perhaps even had loads of fun with yourself at the last wedding of a relative, friend or colleague that you attended. They’re selfie mirrors that are so much more glamorous than your average passport photobooth, enabling your guests to take pictures of themselves just by touching the screen and posing for a countdown with any of the assorted props provided. A Magic Mirror photobooth from Save the Date also comes with a funky LED frame that lights up from the inside, so your attendees certainly won’t miss it…

Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex is available separately from us or as part of our Gold and Ultimate packages, and is suitable for events ranging from weddings and engagement celebrations to birthday parties and even company launches.

Give us a call today on 07854 457776 or email to hire one for your own next major function or event.



3 reasons your Essex event needs one of our stunning LED dance floors

May 30, 2019 10:06 am

Cast your mind back to the best weddings and other celebratory events that you’ve ever attended, and there’s a good chance a spectacular dancefloor was present and correct. There’s just something about having the opportunity to boogie our cares away in the company of others that helps to elevate what might have otherwise been a nice wedding, into a sensational one.

There’s even more reason, though, to make Save the Date your choice for LED dancefloor hire in Essex. Here are three of them, in fact.

We offer them in the perfect range of sizes

Are you seeking an LED white starlit dance floor for a relatively intimate event of as many as 60 guests and around 20 dancers? Or perhaps you’re expecting literally hundreds of attendees, which may mean up to about 150 people taking to the dancefloor?

Well, with our available dimensions for LED dancefloor hire in Essex encompassing every option from 10x10ft to 24x24ft, you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect one to suit you.

They’re delivered, set up and polished for your use

Yes, believe it or not, many of the LED dance floor providers that you’re presently considering may not even properly clean their dance floors at the beginning and end of each use.

In short, we take care of all of the important-but-unglamorous stuff, so that you can focus on the fun and frivolous stuff.

We can supply one as part of a great-value package

While we can give you a highly competitive quote if you require an LED dancefloor on its own, our industry reputation can partly be attributed to the brilliant package deals that we offer, and which help to take even more of the potential stress and hassle out of sourcing the essentials for an event.

At the time of typing, for instance, we can give you our Silver Package that combines a 14x14ft LED dancefloor with LOVE light-up letters, for just £500 in total. Or what about the Ultimate Package, with its 14x14ft white starlit dance floor, starlit backdrop, sweet cart, three hours’ worth of Magic Mirror photobooth hire, lycra chair covers, chair sashes, table centrepieces and so much more?

Whatever you might expect from LED dancefloor hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London, we can make it possible for you here at Save the Date! So, don’t wait any longer to get in touch for a quote.



A white starlit dancefloor from us will make your Hertfordshire wedding even more memorable

May 23, 2019 12:16 pm

Think, for a moment, of all of the most stressful moments that you are likely to encounter in your lifetime. Sure, childbirth is certainly in that category, as are those inevitable family bereavements that we all experience at some point during our time on Earth. But there’s another thing that could also have your tearing your hair out: organising your wedding.

After all, there’s just so much to plan – from the venue, wedding car and florists to the photographer, videographer and any other key service providers that might suddenly pop into your head during the planning phase.

With so much to get anxious about during the actual process of organising your nuptials, then, it’s inevitable that once you and your beloved have said your ‘I dos’ and you’re being driven in the utmost elegance to the wedding reception, you’ll want to let your hair down – and so will your guests. In other words, you’ll want to hit the dancefloor – and we’ve got the perfect one for you.

Just the thing to make everyone feel like a star

If you’re a Hertfordshire resident seeking out the best facilities and equipment for your upcoming wedding, it can be easy to feel that the dance floor is almost a frivolous, luxury item – but it really isn’t. It’s actually a really important thing for allowing your attendees to enjoy themselves and bringing everyone together in the celebratory spirit of the occasion. Maybe you and your partner even met each other on a dance floor?

But there’s such thing as a dancefloor, and then there’s such a thing as a stunning white starlit LED dance floor, as you can hire from our team here at Save the Date. Quite simply, our dance floors are spectacular – they make for fabulous pictures and videos, whether you have a professional to make them for you or your attendees simply snap or film away on their smartphones.

Nor is it just the more ‘glamorous’ aspects of white starlit dancefloor hire in Hertfordshire that we excel in. We offer our dance floors in all manner of sizes, for instance, from 10x10ft to 24x24ft, so even if you have literally hundreds of folks turning up to your reception, they can be well-catered-for. Oh, and we deliver them absolutely clean and polished for you – yes, that’s right, not all companies offering dance floors do.

There’s really no need, then, to put your faith in any other firm when you’re interested in white starlit dancefloor hire in Hertfordshire. Call 07854 457776 or email to learn more about our complete service or broader well-priced packages, as well as to request a great-value quote.


Photobooths aren’t just for passport pictures, you know…

May 8, 2019 2:20 pm

If you’re the kind of person who attends weddings, parties or other big celebrations from time to time (and who among us doesn’t?), there’s a good chance that you will have already come across one or two of the photobooths that we’re proud to make available for hire here at Save the Date.

We aren’t talking here about the sort of dull box in which you might have your passport photo taken. If we simply say two words, in fact – ‘Magic Mirror’ – you can probably get a sense of what kind of photobooth this is.

The best news of all is that whether you’re planning a wedding reception, engagement party, birthday bash or any of a wide range of other celebratory events in London, Essex or Hertfordshire, it could scarcely be easier to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth from us at a competitive price.

So what does a Magic Mirror photobooth really ‘do’, then?

With its text that invites attendees of your event to ‘Touch and Smile’, a Magic Mirror photobooth is certainly a welcoming sight for the curious. It also looks amazing, courtesy of its LED frame that lights up from the inside and enables full-length photos to be taken.

But it’s the way a Magic Mirror photobooth is used that really makes it… well, magical. Once your guests touch the screen, they simply need to help themselves to any of the provided props (if they wish!), before striking a pose as the countdown commences.

Like a passport photobooth, a Magic Mirror photobooth prints out the resultant pictures straight away – giving your attendees another reason to be thankful for having spent so much of their budget on ‘that’ dress! But unlike the situation with a passport photobooth, printing doesn’t take place until users have been given the option to sign, draw, write on or even use themed icons on their photos.

Enjoyment and convenience for everyone – at a great price

Quite frankly, a Magic Mirror photobooth is just a huge amount of fun. Nor is it even a pain to set up and use, not least given that the services of an experienced attendant are provided throughout the three-hour hire period. Once the event is over, we’ll send you a USB stick containing all of the images taken on the night within 14 days.

What’s more, as you can hire a Magic Mirror photobooth from us for as little as £400, or as part of one of our highly rated packages, such a brilliant addition to a party doesn’t even need to blow a ridiculous hole in your budget.

So, why not complete and submit our online contact form or give us a call on 07854 457776 to find out more about what makes Save the Date the only company from which you should hire a Magic Mirror photobooth for your upcoming massive bash?


Nothing illuminates a London party quite like an LED dancefloor

April 23, 2019 3:09 pm

So, you’ve got a big bash coming up in the capital… congratulations! However, no celebration – whether it is an engagement party, wedding reception, birthday disco or a toast to something entirely different – can surely ever be considered complete without a dance floor.

Almost any floor could be used as a dance floor, though… so what we’re really suggesting here is that you should get something truly spectacular for your own party.

Yep – we’re referring to an utterly stunning white starlit dancefloor like those that we can supply for you at highly competitive rates here at Save the Date. But why should you only trust us when it comes to LED dancefloor hire in London?

A key focal point for any special event

The factors that make you enquire about hiring a dance floor from us will probably be the same things that lead to so many people from across London, Hertfordshire and Essex making such an enquiry: the fact that LED dancefloors look amazing, inject fun into an event and lend themselves brilliantly to photo and video opportunities.

Even if the catering at your event is mediocre or you have last-minute niggles with the venue (which we’re sure won’t be the case for your own big celebration!), everyone remembers a dancefloor and the memories that they can make on one while boogieing away to their favourite pop hits.

But we go further to give you the greatest convenience

With so much else about your event needing to be organised, you’re sure to appreciate the fact that we offer our dancefloors in a broad assortment of sizes – from 10x10ft for parties of up to 60 guests and about 20 dancers, right up to 24x24ft, which is a good match for celebrations of as many as 300 guests and around 150 dancers.

Oh, and we also deliver, set up and polish the dancefloor for you, so that you don’t have to fret about handling such a bulky thing as a dancefloor, or accidentally damaging it in the process.

When you also consider that we offer LED dancefloor hire in London not just as its own service, but also as a component in several attractively priced packages, you might just begin to see why so many people organising special events turn to Save the Date, time and time again.

Drop us a line today to receive a quote for LED dancefloor hire in London, Hertfordshire or Essex!