Don’t make these mistakes when hiring a Magic Mirror photobooth

March 10, 2020 10:18 am

It’s fair to say that Magic Mirror photobooths have attracted a lot of hype lately. They’ve been described as a revolution in the events industry – and even if you wouldn’t go quite as far as seeing them that way, there’s no question that they’re a lot of fun to hire and use.

If, then, you have a wedding, engagement party, birthday party, company party, promotional event or similar function coming up, you might have understandably decided that you’d like to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth for your big bash.

On paper, a Magic Mirror photobooth might seem so simple that you could scarcely go wrong with it. Here at Save the Date, we’d slightly disagree. Below are some of the errors we would advise you against making if you fancy hiring one of these (undoubtedly very cool) photobooths.

  1. Hiring one without any props

It’s not just the Magic Mirror photobooth itself that lends it that… well, magic. If you’re looking to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth, you should check that it will come with props for the photobooth’s users to pose with when they’re taking those snaps you’ll all be looking back on for a lifetime.

Here at Save the Date, we take pride in offering a broad assortment of fun props with our Magic Mirrors – and definitely not just the overly obvious, tacky ones.

  1. Trying to operate it entirely on your own

Magic Mirrors may be wonderfully simple for your event attendees to use, but they’re still technological devices, so there’s always scope for unexpected issues to emerge.

That’s why we’d really urge you to purchase a Magic Mirror hire package that also gives you the services of an experienced attendant on the day. And yep, that will be very much the case if you choose to hire your Magic Mirror photobooth from Save the Date!

  1. Forgetting to create an event hashtag

So, you’ve got what’s effectively a giant smartphone (of sorts) taking pictures of your guests throughout your event. As a result, you can be sure that loads of photos will be created of your event – but do you have an easy means of sharing it all?

One way could be to encourage your guests to share their photos on social media, or you could post some of your favourites yourself.

Either way, for social platforms like Twitter and Instagram, it can be a really good idea to create an event hashtag – whether it’s something as informal as #EmmasBirthday2020 or as formal as #CGLMKeynote20 – that everyone posting your event photos online can use.

This, in turn, will make life easier for those wishing to see all of your event images in one place, as they’ll simply have to click on the hashtag to be presented with all of the pictures together.

Don’t look anywhere else for this in-demand event essential

As you can hopefully see, there are definitely certain steps you can take to ward off any issues, hiccups or missed opportunities when you hire a Magic Mirror photobooth from a company like ours.

Complete and submit our straightforward online contact form or call 07854 457776 today, and you’ll be able to find out more about our own great-value, responsive and complete Magic Mirror photobooth hire service.