Get everyone boogieing at your event with one of our stunning LED dance floors!

July 11, 2018 2:33 pm

When you want your Essex birthday party, wedding reception or similar function or event to be one that every attendee will remember for all of the right reasons, there’s one thing that you simply must hire above all else: a spectacular LED dance floor.

As it happens, we are real experts in LED dancefloor hire in Essex here at Save the Date, and when you experience one for yourself – and much more importantly, every friend and family member of yours busting a move on it – you’ll realise just why we love them so much!

So, what makes an LED white starlit dance floor so special?

Part of the reason is obvious – the opportunity that it gives you to literally ‘light up the night’, turning your big do into a convincing reincarnation of Studio 54 itself!

An LED dance floor could be what turns the whole atmosphere of your event from ‘pretty good’ to ‘barnstorming’, while providing plenty of photography opportunities as your event guests shuffle across the floor or try their best moonwalk. There’s just nothing else that gives your event such a ‘wow’ factor as an LED white starlit dance floor.

No less important, though, is exactly who you hire your LED dance floor from.

Hire your dancefloor from only the most trustworthy company

Before you start browsing elsewhere online for LED dancefloor hire in Essex and simply pick out whatever firm offers the cheapest option, it’s important to note that not all providers are equal.

You may not have realised, for example, that not all of our competitors even clean their starlit dance floors at the beginning and end of each use. Nor do they necessarily deliver, set up and polish the floor as we do, so that it is ready to use straight away.

We are also proud to be able to offer our LED white starlit dance floors in all manner of sizes, ranging from 10x10ft (3.1×3.1m) for parties of as many as 60 guests and around 25 dancers, right up to 18x18ft (5.5×5.5m). The latter is a great choice when you have invited about 250 people and expect approximately 80 dancers to be using it at any one time.

The hire of a dance floor can even be provided within one of our highly rated packages. It all means that when you are in need of the most dependable option for LED dancefloor hire in Essex, Save the Date is the company that you can place the utmost faith in!