It isn’t just weddings that ‘Magic Mirrors’ are great for!

January 31, 2020 11:44 am

Some aspects of organising a special event in Essex like a wedding, engagement party, birthday party or other big bash, are unquestionably easier than others. You might already know what kind of ‘vibe’ you want the event in question to have, for example, and perhaps even the venue you would like to hire. The decor might be relatively straightforward to pick out, too.

After all, such aspects of your event as the above are likely to be ones that you have already spent many months, and perhaps even years thinking about.

So, it might be that if there are any particular sticking points you encounter when planning an event, it’s not actually the bigger details, but some of the smaller ones – such as whether you should hire a Magic Mirror photobooth.

A fun and versatile addition to all manner of events

Now, when we suggest to you the idea of Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, you might already know exactly what we mean… or you may be none the wiser as to what one of these fun photobooths actually is.

So, let’s get one thing out of the way first – we aren’t talking about those dull passport photobooths you’ll have seen in shopping centres. Instead, we’re referring to one of the most offbeat and enjoyable additions to the world of special event essentials in recent years.

At a glance, a Magic Mirror photobooth just looks like a giant framed mirror. But if you’ve ever looked closer at one, you will have noticed the ‘Touch And Smile’ text. This indicates the Magic Mirror’s true purpose of enabling people like you to tap away at the mirror and instantly create full-length photos, with the help of a range of fun accompanying props.

These photobooths aren’t just feature-filled – they’re also excellent value

Given that our Magic Mirror photobooths allow guests to take both single and multiple shots, choose between various backgrounds and even touch the screen to type their own text to add to the final image, you might not be surprised that these things have proved popular at events well beyond weddings.

Indeed, we’re delighted to offer affordable Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex to those organising not only weddings, but also birthday parties, engagement parties, promotional events, company parties and any other type of function.

Don’t forget, too, the comprehensive event packages that we also offer to make hiring items like the Magic Mirror an even better-value proposition.

If, then, you are looking to inject some real ‘fizz’ into your next special event in Essex – almost regardless of the type of event – it may be well worth looking into our Magic Mirror photobooth hire service. Simply call 07854 457776 or complete and submit our online contact form to learn more about how you can easily add a Magic Mirror to your own next event.