Magic Mirror photobooths: a craze, or here to stay?

August 29, 2019 11:54 am

Given what we’ve all long gotten used to the idea of weddings being – think conservative, traditional, staid – it’s fascinating that in recent years, so many people have gone beyond simply hiring a venue, photographer and videographer for their nuptials, by also adding a Magic Mirror photobooth to that list.

If you’ve somehow not heard of Magic Mirror photobooths yet, they’re pretty much what they sound like – giant mirrors that also act like photobooths. To use it, a guest simply has to walk up to it, touch the screen, select their preferred prop and then pose for the camera!

But for many of those curious about Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London – a service we provide for all manner of couples here at Save the Date – it’s also easy to wonder whether these fancy things are just a ‘flash in the pan’.

Well, here are some very good reasons why they aren’t.

They inject fun and informality into your wedding

As we touched on above, it’s easy for weddings to be a little straitlaced, but they really don’t need to be – especially at the reception. It’s inevitable that at certain points during your reception, some of your attendees might get a little bored, with their attentions wandering.

Well, by taking advantage of Magic Mirror photobooth hire for your Essex, London or Hertfordshire wedding, you can keep them intrigued, smiling and giggling right through to the end of the night!

They enable great memories to be captured forever

Just think about how many weddings some of your guests are probably present at each year… how on Earth could they possibly remember them all? Well, they’ll certainly recall your reception a little more easily when there’s a Magic Mirror photobooth at the event.

We’ve been taking photos of ourselves and each other for posterity since photography was invented – and certainly long before the days of Facebook and Instagram! A Magic Mirror photobooth gives your guests an easy way of doing that at your wedding, while also having a huge amount of fun.

They get people talking – offline and online

We mentioned social media above, and it’s true that when you have a Magic Mirror photobooth at your reception, the users of the photobooth will be able to quickly create images that they might even opt to share on social media for continued appreciation long after the celebrations are over.

Even at the event itself, though, one of these striking and quirky photobooths will prompt excited chatter among your guests, especially as they take turns to try it for themselves.

So, Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, Hertfordshire and London… it’s not just available from Save the Date right now, but it’s also likely to remain a permanent fixture of the wedding and party scene for many years to come.

To get in on the fun, it couldn’t be easier for you to contact our professional and friendly team – or why not consult our range of special event packages to make the most of even greater value?