Magic Mirror photobooths aren’t ‘just a craze’ – and here’s why

January 10, 2020 3:07 pm

Deciding on the right equipment and services to hire for your upcoming wedding, birthday party, promotional launch or other major event can be tricky enough even without the added pressure of sorting the fads from the seriously worthy stuff.

That’s why, even here at Save the Date, we can absolutely understand some people’s reasons for hesitating when they look into the idea of Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, London or Hertfordshire.

What tends to separate flashes-in-the-pan from more enduringly popular wedding and party practices, however, is the fact that the latter has a certain timeless worth. So, we thought we’d look at a few of the reasons why Magic Mirror photobooths are not only popular now, but are also likely to remain so for many years to come.

They provide a great social focal point

Let’s face it – not everyone is a natural party animal who can’t wait to strut their stuff on the dancefloor. Some people like to be able to while away the hours at a wedding, engagement or birthday party in a manner that doesn’t feel awkward for them – and Magic Mirror photobooths can be great for giving them something to talk about in the company of fellow guests.

They provide a memento… or several

The Magic Mirror photobooths that you can hire from ourselves here at Save the Date aren’t just fun and easy to use – they also produce quite literal results straight away. Two sets of prints are produced for each photo taken – one for your own album, and another for the guest who took the picture. This way, you’ll both have a lovely keepsake to remind the two of you of this special event for months, years and perhaps even decades.

They have plenty of visual appeal themselves

Great aesthetics never go out of fashion, which is just one more reason why Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, Hertfordshire and London isn’t a mere craze for the Instagram age. After all, social media or no social media, there will be people taking photos of your event and sharing them both immediately and in the future. Our Magic Mirror photobooths look like actual traditional full-length mirrors, albeit with an amazing LED frame that lights up from the inside. So, you can be sure of yours dazzling and intriguing every attendee of your event ‘on the day’, too.

The above three suggestions are not the only conceivable reasons why you may be intrigued by the idea of hiring a Magic Mirror photobooth from us. Indeed, we suspect you might have a few more to add to the list once you’ve experienced this wonderful essential for yourself at your own next event!

Get in touch with the Save the Date team now, and we can help to make that a reality for you in 2020 – whatever the nature of your upcoming special occasion, launch or party.