What elevates a Magic Mirror photobooth above just any other photobooth?

July 15, 2019 12:15 pm

Literally any one of us who has ever had their passport photo taken in a photobooth knows what one is – in short, it’s a vital place to snap the pictures of yourself that you might need for any of a wide range of purposes. What the average photobooth might not seem, however, is glamorous.

Well, the Magic Mirror photobooth has gone a long way to changing that. It’s the new ‘daddy’ of photobooths as far as major celebratory events like birthday parties, engagement parties and weddings are concerned, and you can hire a Magic Mirror photobooth yourself for less than you might initially expect!

A photobooth that’s actually worth the hype

While the traditional photobooth that you are likely to have used previously – perhaps even at an event such as the above – consists of a self-contained booth that you enter to have your photo taken, a Magic Mirror photobooth resembles an actual framed mirror.

This means it’s a great choice for placing in open spaces, while adding considerably to the visual spectacle that a photobooth can be at your event. And of course, as the Magic Mirror photobooths that we offer here at Save the Date are full-length ones, they can take full-length photos that are so much more exciting than your average passport photo!

So many great ways for your guests to spice up their photos

Hire a Magic Mirror photobooth for your next big bash, and your attendees will be wooed, but not intimidated. The photobooth invites anyone nearby to come and touch it, after which, they just need to get ready to strike a pose as the countdown commences, making good use of the props provided.

Users of the Magic Mirror photobooth can also type their own text on the screen, choose between various backgrounds, and select either a single or multiple shots. They can even sign or draw on the photos and incorporate themed icons, before finally having the images immediately printed.

We’re sure you didn’t see most of these features being offered the last time you were having new passport photos created in a standard shopping-centre photobooth – or for that matter, when you last sat in pretty much any other photobooth you’ve ever come across.

So, to inject even greater magic into your next birthday party, engagement party, company party, promotional event or any other very special event, why not make it your top priority to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth?

Call 07854 457776 or email info@savethedateuk.com today, and we’ll soon set you up with a great such photobooth for three hours’ hire, at a great price.