3 tips for making your London birthday party the best you’ve ever had

September 9, 2019 10:56 am

You might think that if you’re fortunate enough to have the luxury of holding a birthday party in the British capital, its success will already be more-or-less guaranteed – after all, there’s just so much for you and your guests to see and do in London.

But of course, that’s never actually the case. There’s still plenty that you’ll need to address if you are to organise an event that leaves you and everyone present with only the warmest memories – so here are some of our favourite tips for ensuring precisely that.

Choose a venue with a built-in activity

London’s obviously quite the place for ‘quirky’ venues – think rooftop bars, nightspots situated in converted historic warehouses, individualistic comedy clubs and more – but don’t just opt for somewhere ‘unusual’ for the sake of it.

Instead, consider what activities are simple and easy to do at the given venue, and that the venue has a good reputation of providing, to help to ensure there’s never a dull moment at your London birthday celebration.

Carefully consider everyone’s musical tastes

Sure, there might be certain tracks that you definitely want to have played at the party, or even a specific band that you fancy booking. But it’s also important to think about your guests’ likely preferences and expectations, particularly in line with whatever ‘theme’ your party might have.

If you’ve got an early 20th-century speakeasy theme in mind for your party, for instance, you might put together a big band and swing playlist. Or maybe you’ve got more of a ‘70s or ‘80s theme in mind? In that case, you might want to request that guests bring along their favourite pop, rock, funk and soul vinyl records from the era, and have your best turntable waiting for them at the venue.

Hire a dazzling LED dance floor

While we’re on the subject of the music at your London party, if there’s any definite way to ensure fun at such a celebratory event, it’s giving your attendees an obvious opportunity to have fun. An aesthetically appealing dance floor can give your party exactly that.

However, LED dancefloor hire in London isn’t just about marking out a clear space for dancing. That’s because it can also be central to the visual appeal of your party, with the starlit dance floors that we provide here at Save the Date quite literally lighting up the room – and sure to look fabulous in all of the photos your guests will inevitably take and post on social media.

Remember, too, that we can provide LED dancefloors in an assortment of dimensions – from 10x10ft to 24x24ft – to suit the numbers of guests you will be expecting at your London birthday party. Oh, and they represent great value, too, as you’ll find out when you contact us for a quote.

In fact, we can present all manner of wider packages for whatever celebration you have in mind, priced to lessen your stress and maximise peace of mind when organising your event. So, why not get in touch with our professional and friendly team now to find out more about the essentials that we can provide for your next London party?