4 things not to forget when organising a promotional event

March 5, 2020 10:22 am

Promotional and corporate events have long been invaluable for generating a ‘buzz’ about a particular brand, product, service or other initiative or development. Indeed, when you are planning such an event yourself, the right diligence and ideas can help to ensure the hype far outlasts the event itself.

There are, though, always certain things that can be easily forgotten when you are organising a promotional event, even if those things are just ‘finishing touches’.

Here are a few examples of what we mean.

The theme

You might not think your promotional event really needs a ‘theme’, but many event organisers find that it helps them to create a strong focus for every aspect of the event in question – from the venue and the decor to the event schedule.

Might your own event theme be ‘love’, ‘travel’, ‘summer’ or something completely different? And how closely might that theme tie in with the products or services that you wish to promote at the event? It’s very much up to you…

An event social media hashtag

It’s common these days for corporate event organisers to create a hashtag for use on Twitter and other social networks, to help to bring together all of the social updates from the event.

Whether your event hashtag is simply an acronym followed by the year – for example, #CES2020 – or refers in some way to the venue or the product or service being launched, you should ensure it is unique and used widely throughout your own social updates about the event. The latter will encourage others to use it in much the same way with their own photos, videos and comments.

All of the equipment and associated items you’ll need

What we are referring to here is not so much the luxurious or fun extras, but instead those things you’ll require at the event if there aren’t to be major practical problems.

Will you have enough chairs and tables ready for the number of guests you are expecting, for example? What about name tags for keeping track of and identifying your attendees, or all of the practical supplies that any hired guest speaker or DJ will need?

A Magic Mirror photobooth

If you’ve heard of Magic Mirrors before or even played around with one, you might associate them much more readily with weddings and birthday parties than with promotional events.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though! Indeed, the very tendency for corporate or promotional events to sometimes feel a little ‘dry’ or ‘stiff’ is precisely why you might want to give some serious thought to Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London.

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