5 tips to ensure the success of the next baby shower you organise

September 6, 2018 11:32 am

You may have long thought that baby showers were a relatively recent trend imported from America, but they can actually trace their history to places closer to home: ancient Greece and Egypt, where it was customary for new mothers to be honoured with a meal after being left in privacy for 10 days following the birth.

Thankfully, there’s slightly more for the mother or mother-to-be to look forward to these days when a baby shower is being planned! So if you’re organising one for a friend, family member or loved one, here are some of our favourite tips for making it a triumph.

Don’t fuss too much over the timing of the baby shower

There’s more flexibility these days around baby showers than there used to be, as is shown by attitudes to when one is held. Basically any time after conception is fine, and the majority of expectant mums tend to prefer theirs to be thrown at a relatively advanced stage of the pregnancy.

Some mothers, though, would rather have their baby shower after the baby is born, especially if they have any worries about their pregnancy or the impending birth.

Gauge whether the mother wants a baby shower

While a baby shower can be an immensely enjoyable event for everyone involved, there’s also no doubt that many mums-to-be can often feel overwhelmed and tired during their pregnancy, so there’s no guarantee that they will entirely appreciate the baby shower you have planned.

At the very least, don’t shock them with a baby shower that’s a complete surprise. Ask them first for their thoughts on having a baby shower, so that you can gauge whether there’s any specific atmosphere or type of event that they would like.

Carefully consider the most appropriate foods to serve

When you’re organising an event for a pregnant woman, you need to spend a bit more time thinking about the menu than you might do for any other kind of party attendee. This is why a buffet may be an especially good option, given the sheer variety that it enables you to offer.

One possibility is to go for a desserts-only menu, including some of the favourite chocolates, sweets, cakes and cookies of the mum-to-be and dad-to-be.

Play ‘guess the celeb’ or ‘guess the baby name’

You will want the baby shower to be full of fun rather than just idle conversation, so a few games can be great for injecting some giggles and even a bit of good-natured competition!

What about a ‘guess the celeb’ game, for instance, involving some cut-out magazine pictures of pregnant celebrities with their heads folded back? Or if the mum-to-be likes the idea, you could even have a list of 20 boys’ names and 20 girls’ names, with a prize on offer to whoever chooses the name that the mum ultimately goes with once the baby is born.

Go for beautiful and tasteful baby shower decorations

A baby shower presents the perfect opportunity to be imaginative with the decorations that you put up – something we can very much help you with here at Save the Date!

Whether you like the idea of hiring one of our gorgeous flower walls, some light-up letters to reveal the baby’s gender, or even everything included in one of our dedicated baby shower packages, the right baby shower decorations could play a big part in making your event one to remember for the right reasons.

How about giving the Save the Date team a call today, on 07854 457776, to discuss in greater detail how we could add those all-important magical touches to the baby shower you’re organising, in the form of high-quality and well-priced baby shower decorations in London, Hertfordshire or Essex?