Brighten up your upcoming baby shower with light-up letter hire in Essex

December 3, 2018 11:52 am

Baby showers may not be the most traditionally British way to celebrate the looming arrival of a little one, but it’s fair to say that we’ve really embraced them in recent years here in Blighty – and why shouldn’t we? After all, there are just so many ways to make a baby shower special for the expectant mother, as we’re a dab hand at ensuring here at Save the Date.

When you’re planning a baby shower, you might not initially give much thought to light-up letter hire in Essex. However, our four-foot-tall illuminated letters can represent the ideal finishing touch for such a splendid event.

You could use our light-up letters to spell out the baby’s name – if the mother has decided on one and communicated it to you – or they could even be the perfect way to reveal the little one’s gender. They will certainly make a striking focal point for your decorations, and will be immediately noticed – and admired – in photographs of the baby shower for many years after the birth.

We’re offering an especially tempting package right now  

No one organising a baby shower in Essex should overlook our current baby shower package that combines the hire of a twinkly starlit LED backdrop or flower wall with baby boxes filled with balloons. Last but not least, also included in the package are four-foot-tall light-up letters spelling out ‘BABY’, ‘BOY’ or ‘GIRL’; it’s all available for just £250.

With a 10% discount also offered on all of our services hired between January and March 2019, you’ve got plenty of scope to save money right now if you’re interested in light-up letter hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London from Save the Date!

Nor is it only letters that we can make light up

Remember that we can also present you with various other options for an utterly illuminating baby shower or other special event in Essex. Did you know about the 7.8-foot-high Love Heart Arch that we can bring you, or even our rustic ‘LOVE’ light-up letters? Light-up numbers are also available, and are ideal for events ranging from birthdays and christenings to weddings and corporate functions.

To learn more about all of these options and more, don’t hesitate to drop a line to the Save the Date team online now, or even give us a call on 07854 457776.