Hire the light up letters that will truly illuminate your next bash

July 26, 2018 11:33 am

How many of us wouldn’t love to see our name up in lights? Admittedly, we can’t make you a movie or West End star – you’ll have to achieve that bit on your own – but we can at least give you the next best thing, in the form of our beautiful light up letters available for hire for your next event!

We do everything to the letter (sorry)

It’s easy to see why so many people choose to hire light up letters from us. After all, they’re guaranteed to add quite the ‘wow’ factor as soon as your guests walk into the room. Plus, they’re wonderfully versatile, enabling you to spell out pretty much anything you want.

Such characteristics make our light up letters ideal for almost every kind of event or celebration, ranging from birthdays and children’s parties to charity events and business functions. Plus, their impact can be maximised yet further when you combine them with a few of our five-feet-tall light up numbers!

Letters and numbers for almost any occasion

When you wish to hire light up letters and numbers that have been handcrafted for quality and impact, you really can’t do better than those we can supply for you here at Save the Date.

In addition to the above examples, they can be an excellent choice for enhancing a christening, wedding, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. You might choose to use yours in so many different ways to help to create the perfect celebratory mood for your event.

Indeed, we give you so many options for achieving just the right look with our light up letters and numbers. You may wish to use our ‘Mr & Mrs’ topper on other letters to spell out the surname of you and your beloved, for instance, or if the venue you have in mind for your event is of a slightly more ‘rustic’ nature, why not enquire about our four-feet-tall rustic ‘LOVE’ letters?

That’s before we’ve even mentioned our fabulous 7.8-feet-high Love Heart Arch, which could be just the thing to position above a wedding cake or to serve as a focal point on the dance floor. Like our light up letters and numbers, it looks quite stunning in photos, too.

Organising an event in London, Hertfordshire or Essex? Get in touch now

Almost wherever you are in the South East, we can provide the light up letters and numbers that will help to make your next bash one to remember for all of the right reasons! So, why not learn more today by giving us a call on 07854 457 776 or filling in and submitting our handy contact form?