How to ensure brilliant Instagram-ready photos at your Essex wedding reception

June 14, 2019 3:55 pm

We’re sure here at Save the Date that if you’re set to tie the knot any time soon, you’ll have got in touch with your dream professional wedding photographer to take the images of you, your beloved and your big day that will be gracing the family album for a lifetime to come.

However, professional wedding photography isn’t the only kind of wedding photography. The chances are, after all, that the various guests you’ve invited to your reception will be bringing along their smartphones, and might want to take a few snaps with you, your new spouse and the (no doubt beautiful!) venue you’ve chosen for this stage of your special day.

So, how can you help to ensure every photo emerging from your wedding celebrations is worthy of sharing across social media? Here are some of our favourite tips.

Keep it simple, sweetie

The KISS approach is great for so many things in life, and especially when it comes to amateur wedding photography. Standing about three feet in front of a plain wall for those selfies and Instagram portraits, for example, will help to avoid annoying shadows and other distracting visual ‘clutter’.

Experiment with lighting, angles and cropping

Presuming you’ve hired a professional photographer to document the really big stuff, when you’re just taking a few casual shots with a smartphone camera, you’ve got a lot of scope to toy about with various things. Take both indoor and outdoor shots, for instance, ensuring a good amount of natural light in both. You may also be surprised by how much you like a certain angle, or how well a non-centred image works. Adding a bit of contrast in an image editor might be a sound idea, too…

Hire a Magic Mirror photobooth

These are the things you’ve probably heard all about, and perhaps even had loads of fun with yourself at the last wedding of a relative, friend or colleague that you attended. They’re selfie mirrors that are so much more glamorous than your average passport photobooth, enabling your guests to take pictures of themselves just by touching the screen and posing for a countdown with any of the assorted props provided. A Magic Mirror photobooth from Save the Date also comes with a funky LED frame that lights up from the inside, so your attendees certainly won’t miss it…

Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex is available separately from us or as part of our Gold and Ultimate packages, and is suitable for events ranging from weddings and engagement celebrations to birthday parties and even company launches.

Give us a call today on 07854 457776 or email to hire one for your own next major function or event.