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How to boost the ‘Instagramability’ of your big birthday bash

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While we’ve used the word ‘Instagramability’ at the top of this blog post, we really could have said ‘Facebook sharability’, ‘retweetability’ or even just ‘visual appeal’, as we’re essentially talking about the same thing. In short, how can you make your upcoming birthday party a feast for the eyes, and something that people will want to get their smartphones out to photograph or film?

Here are some of our recommended ways to achieve exactly that.

Find a suitably stunning venue

Of course, everyone wants to hire a birthday party venue that will make guests’ jaws drop! However, you might worry that the most visually spectacular venue will also be the most expensive.

That’s why you might want to get imaginative about the type of event venue that you book, considering such aspects as any extra ‘hidden’ costs, crucial services that might be included in the venue hire price, and what overarching theme you may have for the event (which we will cover in greater detail below).

Come up with an interesting theme- CLICK HERE

Whether the person celebrating their birthday will be five, 35 or 65, it often helps to give you some direction as far as the event’s visual style is concerned, if you decide on an overall theme first.

If it’s a kid’s birthday that you’re organising, for instance, your little one might love the idea of a castle or zoo theme, which could have implications for the specific venue you book. As for adults, perhaps the birthday boy or girl in question is especially arty, or a history buff?

A theme will help to spur ideas for all of those crucial little visual aspects of the event, ranging from the design of the invitations to the choice of food and what other activities might be planned for the party.

Think of obvious ‘focal points’ or ‘centrepieces’ CLICK HERE

Cast your mind back to all of the birthday parties, engagement parties and similar events you’ve attended (or didn’t attend!) that gained serious traction on social media. There’s a good chance that you’ll especially remember that spectacular white dancefloor, that flower wall or those light-up numbers or letters.

Sure enough, these are all items that we enable you to hire here at Save the Date – but there’s also the not-insignificant option of Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, London or Hertfordshire. These photobooths are certainly visually spectacular, but they’re also easy and lots of fun for event attendees to use. Plus, the images they produce are sure to go nicely on social media!

Call the Save the Date team now on 07854 45776 or send us an email to find out more about our well-priced hire services and packages for whatever big bash you’re planning this year or beyond. We’ll add all of the little (and big) touches required to make your next event memorable for all of the right reasons!

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