It’ll only take a bit of tech to get your guests partying like it’s 2019

March 6, 2019 4:46 pm

Do you remember all of the fuss about the ‘Millennium bug’? Whatever your experiences may have been and whether you were worried or not, thankfully, it all turned out to be a bit of a damp squib.


In fact, since 1999, the advance of technology hasn’t just improved our experiences while sat in front of our home computers… it’s helped to make our parties and other special occasions even more special, too.


For a few examples of what we mean, just take a look at two of the technologically sophisticated products that become party essentials in recent years: the LED dancefloor and the Magic Mirror.


Your attendees will feel like stars on our starlit dancefloor


Whether or not the DJ happens to play “1999” at your wedding reception, birthday party, engagement bash or similar celebratory occasion, your guests won’t be able to resist busting a move or seven on one of our spectacular white starlit dancefloors.


An LED dance floor will certainly turn heads at your chosen party venue, making it look like a Top of the Pops set and giving your event photographer some wonderful visuals to work with – not least the chance to snap your friends and family strutting to their heart’s content.


However, when you turn to a company like Save the Date for LED dancefloor hire in Hertfordshire, Essex or London, it’ll be all of the small and mundane things you appreciate at least as much as the spectacular appearance of the dancefloor itself.


We provide our starlit dancefloors in an assortment of sizes, for instance, starting at 10x10ft and continuing right up to 24x24ft. Oh, and we also take care to clean our dancefloors after each use, and will even deliver, set up and polish it for you.


Mirror, mirror, in an LED frame…


OK, that saying may not have quite the same ring as “mirror, mirror, on the wall”, but your attendees will certainly feel like “the fairest of them all” when they have a play around with the stunning Magic Mirror photobooth you can hire from us.


It’s a photobooth, but so much more glamorous and fun than the kind of thing you get your passport photos taken in. All that your guests have to do is touch the screen, grab some of the props already provided, and say “cheese” as they pose for a full-length photo.


But it all gets even better than that. Take advantage of our Ultimate package, for example, and you can hire a white starlit dance floor, Magic Mirror photobooth and so much more for your special event, including the likes of a love heart light-up arch and nicely stocked sweet cart, for a much more reasonable price than you might have expected.


It’s all of the technology that you could possibly need to hold the most memorable celebration during 2019, and it’s all available right now from Save the Date! Simply contact our team today to learn more about Magic Mirror and LED dancefloor hire in Hertfordshire, London or Essex from us.


As for which song “1999” we were referring to above… well, we’ll leave you to take your pick between Prince or Charli XCX and Troye Sivan. Or may we humbly suggest both?