It’s the latest ‘must have’ for your celebratory event: a flower wall!

August 9, 2018 2:34 pm

You might have heard a fair bit about flower walls over the past few months and years – indeed, it seems that they’re increasingly frequently mentioned whenever someone has a christening, birthday or baby shower to organise. But why are they causing so much fuss, and why should you trust only Save the Date for all things flower wall hire in Essex, London or Hertfordshire?

First of all… they’re simply gorgeous!

Hammer the term ‘flower wall’ into YouTube, and you’ll begin to see why so many people are coming to love flower walls. These floral backdrops are pretty, fun and a lovely form of decoration for all manner of events, ranging from weddings and engagement celebrations to corporate events, and you’ve got some especially good reasons to hire yours from ourselves here at Save the Date.

For one thing, we give you a lot of choice. Not only do we enable you to hire a standard ivory flower wall right now – this being our main flower wall – but we can also provide a bespoke flower wall that is ivory with blue ombre or pink, peach and blue ombre.

Such options enable you to have the perfect flower wall for almost any celebration or special event that you may be organising. Whatever flower wall you hire from us, in fact, you can expect your attendees to be marvelling at it from the start to the end of your event, and it’ll make a great focal point for all of those inevitable photos and videos, too.

We’re constantly giving you new options for your event

If you’ve previously taken advantage of any of our other services here at Save the Date – such as light up number or LED dance floor hire – you’ll know what we’re about; a comprehensive, professional and friendly service that really does give you everything you could require for your next bash.

Those making us their choice for flower wall hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London right now might also be interested in knowing about our matching flower frames, which we are happy to adapt to suit table plans or welcome signs.

Why not use our convenient online contact form or give us a call today, on 07854 457 776, to find out more about all of the things we can do to make your upcoming celebration one you will remember for only the finest reasons for years to come?