Our Magic Selfie Mirrors aren’t just causing a lot of fuss in London – they’re also affordably priced

Magic Mirror Hire

November 19, 2018 3:22 pm

So, you’re planning a London wedding, engagement party, promotional event, company party, birthday party or similar celebration, and you’ve been receiving lots of suggestions as to what could make it extra special. Have you, though, considered hiring a Magic Mirror photobooth?

In case you’re wondering what one of those is, it’s also known as a Magic Selfie Mirror, and it’s fair to say they’ve become really ‘in-vogue’ this year. They provide a great way for your guests to snap fun pictures of themselves at your event, and even instantly print them out for posterity.

But given the notorious expense of organising almost any special event in the capital, does it make much financial sense to hire a Magic Selfie Mirror in London from a company like Save the Date?

There’s nothing – and we mean nothing – like these photo booths

Magic Mirror photobooths may have only become a big deal quite recently – indeed, you may have friends who have hired one for their own events – but that doesn’t mean they’re mere gimmicks. After all, they aren’t only head-turning and guaranteed to cause infinite amusement among your attendees – they’re also packed full of sophisticated features.

Hire a Magic Selfie Mirror in London from us, and you’ll get something so much more spectacular than your average photo booth. Not only is it capable of stunning full-length mirror shots – taking maximum advantage of its height – but its touchscreen is also wonderfully easy for your guests to use.

Once your fellow revellers have posed with any of the props also provided and the Magic Selfie Mirror has snapped them, they’ll be able to choose between a single or multi-shot photo, and can even sign, draw or use themed icons on their images before printing them off.

Exceptional value when you hire our Magic Selfie Mirror in London

Here’s one of the very best things about hiring one of these very special photobooths from Save the Date: it won’t even necessarily set you back that much.

Three hours’ hire can be yours from as little as £400, including unlimited use throughout the hire period, alongside a broad assortment of unique props, an experienced attendant on hand for the entire hire, and a USB stick with all images sent no later than 14 days after the event.

Or if you’ve got the budget to be a bit more extravagant without wanting to pay absolutely silly money, why not consult the latest broader package deals we can bring you when you hire a Magic Selfie Mirror in London from us? Our Ultimate Package, for instance, is well-named when you are interested in holding a genuinely jaw-dropping and thoroughly enjoyable wedding.

Across London and far beyond, Magic Mirror photo booths are causing plenty of hype – and it’s very much well-deserved hype if you opt to hire yours from the Save the Date team!