Photobooths aren’t just for passport pictures, you know…

May 8, 2019 2:20 pm

If you’re the kind of person who attends weddings, parties or other big celebrations from time to time (and who among us doesn’t?), there’s a good chance that you will have already come across one or two of the photobooths that we’re proud to make available for hire here at Save the Date.

We aren’t talking here about the sort of dull box in which you might have your passport photo taken. If we simply say two words, in fact – ‘Magic Mirror’ – you can probably get a sense of what kind of photobooth this is.

The best news of all is that whether you’re planning a wedding reception, engagement party, birthday bash or any of a wide range of other celebratory events in London, Essex or Hertfordshire, it could scarcely be easier to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth from us at a competitive price.

So what does a Magic Mirror photobooth really ‘do’, then?

With its text that invites attendees of your event to ‘Touch and Smile’, a Magic Mirror photobooth is certainly a welcoming sight for the curious. It also looks amazing, courtesy of its LED frame that lights up from the inside and enables full-length photos to be taken.

But it’s the way a Magic Mirror photobooth is used that really makes it… well, magical. Once your guests touch the screen, they simply need to help themselves to any of the provided props (if they wish!), before striking a pose as the countdown commences.

Like a passport photobooth, a Magic Mirror photobooth prints out the resultant pictures straight away – giving your attendees another reason to be thankful for having spent so much of their budget on ‘that’ dress! But unlike the situation with a passport photobooth, printing doesn’t take place until users have been given the option to sign, draw, write on or even use themed icons on their photos.

Enjoyment and convenience for everyone – at a great price

Quite frankly, a Magic Mirror photobooth is just a huge amount of fun. Nor is it even a pain to set up and use, not least given that the services of an experienced attendant are provided throughout the three-hour hire period. Once the event is over, we’ll send you a USB stick containing all of the images taken on the night within 14 days.

What’s more, as you can hire a Magic Mirror photobooth from us for as little as £400, or as part of one of our highly rated packages, such a brilliant addition to a party doesn’t even need to blow a ridiculous hole in your budget.

So, why not complete and submit our online contact form or give us a call on 07854 457776 to find out more about what makes Save the Date the only company from which you should hire a Magic Mirror photobooth for your upcoming massive bash?