Preparing for New Year nuptials? Get 10% off one of our wedding packages

November 1, 2018 12:44 pm

We might be in the season of the year when everyone is planning for festive fun, but what have you got lined up for the New Year? If you are set to wed, you could start 2019 with a bang by scheduling your nuptials for January, when you could also net a significant discount on one of our wedding packages!

From January right through to the end of March 2019, we will be offering 10% off any of our services. Yes, that’s a price cut to our whole range of offerings, extending right through to our wedding packages that are especially suited to fairytale-themed ceremonies.

Our Cinderella package has everything but the glass slipper

You shall go to the ball – and the wedding, for that matter, with our Cinderella package. This includes 80 Lycra chair covers, 80 chair sashes, a starlit top table swag, a top table centrepiece/arrangement, eight table mirrors and scatter crystals.

Alternatively, you might fancy stepping up to our Belle package. This has all of the contents of the Cinderella package, as well as a vintage Victorian post box to add further elegance to your wedding proceedings. We can even fill a cart with sweets for as many as 80 guests.

Usually, you would have to pay £395 for our Cinderella package and £550 for the Belle option. Meanwhile, to each of these packages, you could add a starlight backdrop and matching cake table skirt at a further cost of £100 – but all of this is before you factor in the 10% discount…

With 10% shaved off the usual price of these ever-popular packages, your dream wedding could be within surprisingly easy financial reach. You’ll save the most if you choose our Ultimate package, which contains the Cinderella items and various other goodies.

There’s also plenty of scope for customisation with our weddings

As we allow you to choose from various separate elements for your nuptials, it’s as easy as you like to organise a wedding with us that will impress every attendee, while also being very ‘you’.

Get in touch with our bespoke wedding & event designers today to learn just how special your special day could be in January with a little help from Save the Date!