Spell it out in big light-up letters for the attendees of your Essex or Hertfordshire event!

January 29, 2019 12:06 pm

Let’s face it: even the most special and memorable party can sometimes be made to look like it must have been a little dull in the photos that you look back on later. When we say ‘dull’, though, we aren’t necessarily talking about your beloved auntie or uncle droning on for too long with an uninteresting anecdote at the wedding. Instead, we’re referring to much more literal illumination.

Yes, that’s right – we’re talking about the lighting at your event! It’s an issue for those hosting not only weddings, but also the likes of birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, children’s parties, charity events and even corporate bashes throughout Essex and Hertfordshire.

Don’t worry, though – we’ll have you sorted quite nicely here at Save the Date, when you turn to our team for light-up letters hire in Hertfordshire or Essex.

There are just so many ways to say it…

Lighting is obviously a major visual element or focal point at an event like those we’ve mentioned above. However, there’s also the small matter of being able to spell out something important to those attending. Well, our utterly stunning light-up letters allow you to cater to both priorities.

We’ve got light-up letters covering the entire alphabet, in fact, and all of the numbers, too. That means you can say anything you want to say when you choose us for light-up letters hire in Hertfordshire or Essex.

That message could be ‘LOVE’, ‘DANCE’, ‘I DO’, someone’s age, or the shared name of you and your beloved. If the latter sounds like a great idea to you, we’ve even got a Mr&Mrs topper that you can place on top of your surname when it is spelt out by our illuminated letters.

Don’t forget our rustic light-up letters, too

If you are looking to spell out ‘LOVE’ in a venue that suits more natural or ‘earthy’ shades of decoration, it’s well worth considering the gorgeous, handcrafted, four-foot-tall rustic light-up letters that we can also supply.

Nor should you overlook that for all of our services hired between January and March 2019, we’re currently offering a very handy 10% discount. It’s just one more reason why Save the Date is such a great option for light-up letters hire in Hertfordshire, Essex or London!