Why are ‘rustic-style’ weddings so popular?

November 18, 2019 3:10 pm

If there’s one wedding aesthetic above all others that you are likely to have constantly heard about and encountered examples of ever since you got engaged, it’s probably not the traditional extravagant ballroom wedding, but instead a little something known as the ‘rustic-style’ wedding.

Indeed, you could argue that rustic-style weddings have more-or-less become the norm in the 21st century – it’s almost the unusual thing these days to specifically seek a glittering Cinderella-style affair. So, what is it about rustic-style weddings that is making them so popular?

What is a rustic-style wedding, anyway?

A good way of summing up the rustic style is that it’s all about drawing from nature for the various elements of your wedding. Whatever looks organic and outdoorsy – think natural hues, shapes and textures, encompassing the likes of wood, lace, hessian, grasses and foliage – is almost certain to be a good match for the rustic aesthetic in your wedding.

Why would you choose this style of wedding over the alternatives?

As we’ve touched on above, a rustic-style wedding is far from your only option if you’re considering getting hitched anytime soon. Even if the time-honoured gleaming ‘white dress’ wedding doesn’t interest you much, there are all manner of other boho, vintage and themed styles that you might try.

There’s something about the rustic look, though, that has helped to spur on the continuing popularity of rustic-style weddings across London, Hertfordshire, Essex and beyond.

For one thing, its natural, earthy aesthetic is a timeless one that is sure to look as good in your wedding photos when you glance back at them in two or three decades’ time, as it does now.

Secondly, it’s a wonderfully relaxed style that exudes ‘down to earth’ (sometimes quite literally so) warmth – perfect for ensuring attendees of all ages, backgrounds and tastes feel included and welcome. This, in turn, helps to create the sense of an intimate affair, rather than one where you’re merely trying to show off the size of your wedding budget.

Oh, and it’s also easy to gather the essentials for such nuptials

One of the other great things about rustic-style weddings is the fact it’s so straightforward to get together all of the elements you need to create that organic ‘look’. Rustic weddings in London, Hertfordshire or Essex don’t need to cost the – erm – Earth, especially when you hire your decorations for such a wedding from our experts here at Save the Date.

With the likes of rustic ‘LOVE’ lights, rustic light-up boards, cake swings and neon ‘Happily Ever After’ or ‘Til Death Do Us Party’ copper frames able to be sourced from us at great prices, there’s no need to look anywhere else for everything you’ll require for your rustic-style ceremony and reception.

Simply give us a call, then, on 07854 457776, or contact us online to discuss how our friendly professionals can best serve your needs for your upcoming nuptials.