Why choose a Magic Mirror photobooth for your Essex wedding?

October 4, 2018 3:21 pm

You are bound to be bubbling with excitement as the date of your Essex wedding nears. However, even if you have already decided on the venue, the guest list and the cake, you might not have realised how much you could enliven the event by adding a Magic Mirror photobooth.

What is the Magic Mirror photobooth all about?

Even as your guests initially glimpse the Magic Mirror photobooth at the venue, they could be struck with awe. It consists of a full-length mirror framed by very modern-looking internal LED lighting. To snap themselves, a guest only has to touch the mirror and then strike a pose.

Their imagination can run riot with thoughts of how they could pose and with what items. When you hire a Magic Mirror photobooth for your big day, we can provide a range of exciting props from which guests can choose in preparation for the picture to be taken!

We can allow for a truly unique photobooth experience

Much of the fun of having a Magic Mirror photobooth ready and waiting in your wedding venue is that you simply can’t predict how your guests will react to it. This kind of photobooth has the wonderful ability to make many different people lose their inhibitions!

Don’t be surprised if a queue starts forming at that Magic Mirror as everyone from your Dad and his extended family to Nana all become eager to strut their stuff in front of what is basically a giant camera lens in disguise. It might be a relief to you, then, that you can hire it for an entire three-hour period from us.

In that time, each guest can choose from a range of backgrounds for their shot, to which they can even add their own digital signature. Once the photo has been captured, the guest can instantly receive it as a print, while we can also later send you a USB stick that includes all of the images.

We will also provide an experienced attendant with your Magic Mirror photobooth who can prevent any unexpected technical difficulties holding up the fun for too long. This can give you invaluable reassurance as you make use of Magic Mirror photobooth hire for an Essex wedding