5 questions to ask yourself when planning an engagement party

August 12, 2019 4:11 pm

Are you the kind of person who makes any excuse for a party? Well, the confirmation that you and your beloved will be tying the knot definitely sounds like a good enough excuse to us! So, be sure to ask yourself the below questions to ensure you get every detail of your preparations just right.

When will I be holding the party?

While the traditional time for a couple to hold an engagement party is at the same time they make the general announcement, this isn’t always practically possible. So really, any time between the moment you get engaged and the wedding will perfectly suffice – although we would suggest a Friday or Saturday night, so that your guests don’t have to worry so much about getting up early the next day.

Who will I invite?

Tradition also comes into play here, with the engagement party guests usually being the wedding guests. But of course, this tends to be the case for very practical reasons too, as you won’t want to create expectation that is then awkwardly dashed by inviting someone to your engagement party, but not your wedding. Other than that, there are no hard-and-fast rules about who you should and shouldn’t invite – just think family, friends and whoever else you wish to invite.

Where will I hold the party?

Everyone’s tastes are different when it comes to something as personal as an engagement party, so we would suggest that you follow your instincts on this one. For every couple who lean towards the idea of a more extravagant party at a fairytale venue, there’s another couple who are just as happy organising something ‘down to earth’ at their local pub or restaurant. Don’t forget about those quirky venue options such as art galleries or skyscrapers, either.

Who will be in charge of what?

Depending on just how formal and luxurious you expect your engagement party to be, there may be the need to assign roles and responsibilities to different people. Will someone be making formal introductions between guests who don’t know each other? Do you need to have a specific person in charge of looking after the engagement gifts you receive? What about, if you aren’t hiring a professional photographer or videographer, having a few friends or relatives snap or record the evening’s celebrations for posterity?

What will I be doing for entertainment?

Again, there’s a lot that you can do here, but music is likely to be key to getting the jubilant atmosphere just right. You might have acoustic sounds playing if you want your event to have a more understated vibe, or if the evening will be all about getting people on the dancefloor… well, you’ll need to hire the perfect dancefloor. That’s where white starlit dancefloor hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London from the Save the Date team is likely to prove invaluable.

In fact, why not give us a call on 07854 457776 or send us a message right now to learn more about how we can help to make your engagement party one you will remember for only the finest reasons for many years to come?








3 fun and unusual things to do at your wedding reception

August 6, 2019 9:22 am

If your wedding ceremony is supposed to be an occasion of (relative) seriousness, your wedding reception should feel like nothing of the sort. The latter will be truly the time to let your hair down and that of your guests, so don’t neglect it when you’re planning your big day!

Now, plenty of us have been to wedding receptions that have ended up feeling a little clichéd or even worse, straitlaced and boring. So, how can you ensure your own reception has that flavour of something a bit different, while still definitely being fun?

Play the ‘shoe game’

This is one to be played purely by you and your sweetheart, with your guests serving as the audience. The idea is that you each take a seat back-to-back to each other, holding one of your shoes and one of your partner’s shoes. In response to questions asked by the host, the two of you hold up the shoe that corresponds with your answer.

There are so many fun questions that can be asked for this game, ranging from “Who said I love you first?” and “Who is quicker to anger?” to “Who dresses better?” and “Who got the best grades in school?” No doubt there will be plenty of giggles from the attendees at the responses…

Set up an interactive food station

While the serving of food is one of the most stereotypical and expected aspects of a wedding reception, you don’t have to just put out some dishes and leave it at that. That’s because there’s also the option to set up some interactive food stations, such as a mac-and-cheese bar or somewhere to roll sushi, so that your guests can customise their cuisine in line with what they most like.

Hire an LED white starlit dance floor

Sure, it’s also typical to have somewhere at a wedding reception venue for guests to boogie… but how many wedding receptions have you ever attended where the dancefloor was a jaw-dropping visual spectacle in its own right?

Well, that’s something we can make possible for you here at Save the Date, when you pick us for LED dancefloor hire in Hertfordshire, Essex or London. We don’t clean our starlit dancefloors at the beginning and end of each use just because it might be a nice thing to do… we also care about ensuring your dancefloor quite literally lights up the room, serving as an amazing focal point.

No doubt that your wedding photographer and videographer will also be thankful for your decision to hire one of these stunning-looking dancefloors – as well as your bank manager, come to think of it, given that we can provide one at a highly competitive price or as part of a great-value package.

Call the Save the Date team now on 07854 457776 or email for further information on LED dancefloor hire in Hertfordshire, London or Essex from us, as well as to request a quote. We’ll help to make your wedding reception memorable in all of the best ways!








What elevates a Magic Mirror photobooth above just any other photobooth?

July 15, 2019 12:15 pm

Literally any one of us who has ever had their passport photo taken in a photobooth knows what one is – in short, it’s a vital place to snap the pictures of yourself that you might need for any of a wide range of purposes. What the average photobooth might not seem, however, is glamorous.

Well, the Magic Mirror photobooth has gone a long way to changing that. It’s the new ‘daddy’ of photobooths as far as major celebratory events like birthday parties, engagement parties and weddings are concerned, and you can hire a Magic Mirror photobooth yourself for less than you might initially expect!

A photobooth that’s actually worth the hype

While the traditional photobooth that you are likely to have used previously – perhaps even at an event such as the above – consists of a self-contained booth that you enter to have your photo taken, a Magic Mirror photobooth resembles an actual framed mirror.

This means it’s a great choice for placing in open spaces, while adding considerably to the visual spectacle that a photobooth can be at your event. And of course, as the Magic Mirror photobooths that we offer here at Save the Date are full-length ones, they can take full-length photos that are so much more exciting than your average passport photo!

So many great ways for your guests to spice up their photos

Hire a Magic Mirror photobooth for your next big bash, and your attendees will be wooed, but not intimidated. The photobooth invites anyone nearby to come and touch it, after which, they just need to get ready to strike a pose as the countdown commences, making good use of the props provided.

Users of the Magic Mirror photobooth can also type their own text on the screen, choose between various backgrounds, and select either a single or multiple shots. They can even sign or draw on the photos and incorporate themed icons, before finally having the images immediately printed.

We’re sure you didn’t see most of these features being offered the last time you were having new passport photos created in a standard shopping-centre photobooth – or for that matter, when you last sat in pretty much any other photobooth you’ve ever come across.

So, to inject even greater magic into your next birthday party, engagement party, company party, promotional event or any other very special event, why not make it your top priority to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth?

Call 07854 457776 or email today, and we’ll soon set you up with a great such photobooth for three hours’ hire, at a great price.



5 ways to get more people dancing at your celebratory event

July 5, 2019 9:52 am

Having a boogie to our favourite tunes is something that practically all of us like to do from time to time – so it makes sense to make opportunities to dance central to your next birthday party, engagement celebration or wedding reception, too.

So, what are five of the simple steps that you can take to ensure everyone actually will get up and strut their stuff at your event, instead of being wallflowers?

Book the right venue

This might seem like an obvious tip, but so many people organising a party or celebration simply don’t book a space that lends itself very well to dancing. Picking somewhere that has plenty of space and a safe, even surface for the dance floor, as well as an inspiring backdrop and good lighting, will therefore go a long way to ensuring people at your event are in the mood to dance in the first place.

Pick the right tunes

Consider your audience as well as, of course, your own tastes, to maximise the likelihood that you’ll be playing music everyone will appreciate. Is there a certain vibe or even specific songs that come to mind – for example, sophisticated funk and soul for an over-30s audience, or the likes of Rihanna, Pitbull and Ed Sheeran if the age profile of your attendees will be slightly younger?

Hire the right dance floor

Choosing a dance floor with the appropriate dimensions for the given space will obviously be a key priority when you’re comparing providers of white starlit dancefloor hire in London or wherever your party might happen to be. However, it’s not the only one. Our team here at Save the Date, for instance, will also deliver, set up and polish the floor for you, at the most competitive price.

Contact the right DJ

Many people looking to hire a DJ might simply ask their brother’s wife’s friend or some other relative they vaguely know to fulfil this role at their big celebration. However, there’s more to think about than you might initially realise when it comes to deciding on a DJ; that’s why, here at Save the Date, we recommend the highly professional, versatile and knowledgeable Herts Events.

Arrange the right associated entertainment

Could your event budget stretch to cover a professional host/compere, singer, band and/or other performer? This is another touch that could do a lot to get more of your otherwise shy guests up on their feet and boogieing. At the very least, it could help to add some variety to the entertainment, so that you aren’t just reduced to playing the contents of your iTunes library.

Request white starlit dancefloor hire in London, Hertfordshire or Essex from Save the Date today, or enquire to us about any of our other services, and you can be confident of arranging a party that everyone attending will remember for the fondest reasons for many years to come.



How to ensure brilliant Instagram-ready photos at your Essex wedding reception

June 14, 2019 3:55 pm

We’re sure here at Save the Date that if you’re set to tie the knot any time soon, you’ll have got in touch with your dream professional wedding photographer to take the images of you, your beloved and your big day that will be gracing the family album for a lifetime to come.

However, professional wedding photography isn’t the only kind of wedding photography. The chances are, after all, that the various guests you’ve invited to your reception will be bringing along their smartphones, and might want to take a few snaps with you, your new spouse and the (no doubt beautiful!) venue you’ve chosen for this stage of your special day.

So, how can you help to ensure every photo emerging from your wedding celebrations is worthy of sharing across social media? Here are some of our favourite tips.

Keep it simple, sweetie

The KISS approach is great for so many things in life, and especially when it comes to amateur wedding photography. Standing about three feet in front of a plain wall for those selfies and Instagram portraits, for example, will help to avoid annoying shadows and other distracting visual ‘clutter’.

Experiment with lighting, angles and cropping

Presuming you’ve hired a professional photographer to document the really big stuff, when you’re just taking a few casual shots with a smartphone camera, you’ve got a lot of scope to toy about with various things. Take both indoor and outdoor shots, for instance, ensuring a good amount of natural light in both. You may also be surprised by how much you like a certain angle, or how well a non-centred image works. Adding a bit of contrast in an image editor might be a sound idea, too…

Hire a Magic Mirror photobooth

These are the things you’ve probably heard all about, and perhaps even had loads of fun with yourself at the last wedding of a relative, friend or colleague that you attended. They’re selfie mirrors that are so much more glamorous than your average passport photobooth, enabling your guests to take pictures of themselves just by touching the screen and posing for a countdown with any of the assorted props provided. A Magic Mirror photobooth from Save the Date also comes with a funky LED frame that lights up from the inside, so your attendees certainly won’t miss it…

Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex is available separately from us or as part of our Gold and Ultimate packages, and is suitable for events ranging from weddings and engagement celebrations to birthday parties and even company launches.

Give us a call today on 07854 457776 or email to hire one for your own next major function or event.