We’ve got all of the baby shower essentials that you could need in 2019!

January 15, 2019 11:36 am

Many of us may feel rather embarrassed and British about the idea of holding a baby shower – after all, a perception still persists in some quarters that it’s generally an American thing – but you really shouldn’t be. Even the old rules about exactly who should organise a baby shower are breaking down these days, so you might even go as far as planning your own such event as a mother-to-be.

Nonetheless, the more traditional path is for someone who isn’t a relative of the mum-to-be or dad-to-be – or who isn’t the mum-to-be or dad-to-be themselves – to do the baby shower planning.

Whatever route you decide to take, though, you only need to go to one company when you wish to hire baby shower packages that offer as much value as they do quality: Save the Date!

What might you want to have at your baby shower?

Whether you’re one of the parents-to-be and have decided to take charge of matters by organising your baby shower yourself, or you are instead doing so for a friend of yours who is expecting, we’ve got just the baby shower packages that you could want.

What about hiring some light-up four-feet-tall ‘BABY’ letters, for example, to really maximise the visual impact of your event? Those aren’t the only letters that you can choose from, by the way, as some of the people who hire baby shower packages from us request letters spelling out ‘BOY’ or ‘GIRL’, for the big gender reveal. We can even do this reveal with lights for you, if you wish!

Other products that can be hired from us as part of a well-priced baby shower package include a twinkly starlit LED backdrop or a flower wall, which really is all of the rage at the moment. Indeed, the flower wall options that we can give you right now include our pink flower wall Amy, as well as Classic Ivory. Another possibility is the Kimmy wall, which is a light wall with mixed flowers, or the Lola wall, which consists of mixed flowers and foliage.

Oh, and we’re also pleased to offer ‘baby blocks’ that can be filled with balloons of any colour – blue or pink being the more obvious options for a boy or girl respectively. But of course, the final choice is very much yours.

Hire baby shower packages from the best in the game – us!

Describe your requirements for your upcoming baby shower to our team today, and we’ll be able to quickly get to work on providing you with the package that best matches your requirements.

Don’t forget that we’re offering 10% off all of our services hired between January and March 2019. This gives you even more reason to choose Save the Date for all of the essential decorations for your big celebration of your fast-approaching new life as a parent!




An LED white starlit dance floor will very much complete your Hertfordshire event or function

December 13, 2018 12:27 pm

We provide items for a wide range of celebrations and occasions here at Save the Date, from engagement parties and weddings to birthdays and corporate functions. But do you know what so many such events have in common? That’s right: attendees loving to dance.

That’s just one reason why we are so pleased to be able to offer white starlit dancefloor hire for Hertfordshire events like yours. But what exactly makes our own dancefloor so special?

First of all, it more than looks the part…  

If the planning of your big bash in Hertfordshire is coming along well but you just need that something extra to give it all a bit more ‘oomph’, you can’t beat hiring an LED white starlit dance floor.

Not only is our dancefloor a true head-turner – which helps to make it a great focal point for event photos – but you can also be sure that it will be clean. Yes, believe it or not, you can’t always depend on a provider of white starlit dancefloor hire in Hertfordshire actually cleaning its dance floors before and after every use, as we do.

It all means that you really can have faith in the LED dance floor that you hire from us looking absolutely sparkling, which will help in tempting even more of your guests to have a boogie on it.

You can hire it in a size to suit your event

Whatever the space that you have hired for your Hertfordshire wedding, birthday party or other big celebration, there’s a good chance we will have a white starlit LED dance floor that perfectly fits.

You can have a dancefloor from us as modestly proportioned as 10x10ft for parties of up to 60 guests with about 20 dancers at a time, or you could go for a whopping 24x24ft dance floor that can accommodate around 150 dancers at events with as many as 300 attendees.

We also, of course, give you plenty of options between those two for white starlit dancefloor hire in Hertfordshire, depending on the numbers that you’re expecting at your event. It all helps to ensure you end up with a dancefloor that both looks brilliant and caters well to your and everyone else’s needs at your celebration.

We offer it at a great price, too

Our team here at Save the Date recognises that cost is likely to be a key factor informing your choice of company to provide you with white starlit dancefloor hire in Hertfordshire. That’s why it’s handy that we can give such competitive quotes for this in-demand service, as you can take advantage of when you call us on 07854 457776 or contact us via our simple online form.

Don’t forget, too, that if you are interested in getting married with our help, we can give you a 14x14ft white starlit dancefloor as part of our broader Ultimate package.

All in all, we’re confident that you’ll be delighted with your decision to hire an LED starlit dancefloor from us to serve as the perfect ‘finishing touch’ for your Hertfordshire event!




Brighten up your upcoming baby shower with light-up letter hire in Essex

December 3, 2018 11:52 am

Baby showers may not be the most traditionally British way to celebrate the looming arrival of a little one, but it’s fair to say that we’ve really embraced them in recent years here in Blighty – and why shouldn’t we? After all, there are just so many ways to make a baby shower special for the expectant mother, as we’re a dab hand at ensuring here at Save the Date.

When you’re planning a baby shower, you might not initially give much thought to light-up letter hire in Essex. However, our four-foot-tall illuminated letters can represent the ideal finishing touch for such a splendid event.

You could use our light-up letters to spell out the baby’s name – if the mother has decided on one and communicated it to you – or they could even be the perfect way to reveal the little one’s gender. They will certainly make a striking focal point for your decorations, and will be immediately noticed – and admired – in photographs of the baby shower for many years after the birth.

We’re offering an especially tempting package right now  

No one organising a baby shower in Essex should overlook our current baby shower package that combines the hire of a twinkly starlit LED backdrop or flower wall with baby boxes filled with balloons. Last but not least, also included in the package are four-foot-tall light-up letters spelling out ‘BABY’, ‘BOY’ or ‘GIRL’; it’s all available for just £250.

With a 10% discount also offered on all of our services hired between January and March 2019, you’ve got plenty of scope to save money right now if you’re interested in light-up letter hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London from Save the Date!

Nor is it only letters that we can make light up

Remember that we can also present you with various other options for an utterly illuminating baby shower or other special event in Essex. Did you know about the 7.8-foot-high Love Heart Arch that we can bring you, or even our rustic ‘LOVE’ light-up letters? Light-up numbers are also available, and are ideal for events ranging from birthdays and christenings to weddings and corporate functions.

To learn more about all of these options and more, don’t hesitate to drop a line to the Save the Date team online now, or even give us a call on 07854 457776.



Our Magic Selfie Mirrors aren’t just causing a lot of fuss in London – they’re also affordably priced

November 19, 2018 3:22 pm

So, you’re planning a London wedding, engagement party, promotional event, company party, birthday party or similar celebration, and you’ve been receiving lots of suggestions as to what could make it extra special. Have you, though, considered hiring a Magic Mirror photobooth?

In case you’re wondering what one of those is, it’s also known as a Magic Selfie Mirror, and it’s fair to say they’ve become really ‘in-vogue’ this year. They provide a great way for your guests to snap fun pictures of themselves at your event, and even instantly print them out for posterity.

But given the notorious expense of organising almost any special event in the capital, does it make much financial sense to hire a Magic Selfie Mirror in London from a company like Save the Date?

There’s nothing – and we mean nothing – like these photo booths

Magic Mirror photobooths may have only become a big deal quite recently – indeed, you may have friends who have hired one for their own events – but that doesn’t mean they’re mere gimmicks. After all, they aren’t only head-turning and guaranteed to cause infinite amusement among your attendees – they’re also packed full of sophisticated features.

Hire a Magic Selfie Mirror in London from us, and you’ll get something so much more spectacular than your average photo booth. Not only is it capable of stunning full-length mirror shots – taking maximum advantage of its height – but its touchscreen is also wonderfully easy for your guests to use.

Once your fellow revellers have posed with any of the props also provided and the Magic Selfie Mirror has snapped them, they’ll be able to choose between a single or multi-shot photo, and can even sign, draw or use themed icons on their images before printing them off.

Exceptional value when you hire our Magic Selfie Mirror in London

Here’s one of the very best things about hiring one of these very special photobooths from Save the Date: it won’t even necessarily set you back that much.

Three hours’ hire can be yours from as little as £400, including unlimited use throughout the hire period, alongside a broad assortment of unique props, an experienced attendant on hand for the entire hire, and a USB stick with all images sent no later than 14 days after the event.

Or if you’ve got the budget to be a bit more extravagant without wanting to pay absolutely silly money, why not consult the latest broader package deals we can bring you when you hire a Magic Selfie Mirror in London from us? Our Ultimate Package, for instance, is well-named when you are interested in holding a genuinely jaw-dropping and thoroughly enjoyable wedding.

Across London and far beyond, Magic Mirror photo booths are causing plenty of hype – and it’s very much well-deserved hype if you opt to hire yours from the Save the Date team!


Preparing for New Year nuptials? Get 10% off one of our wedding packages

November 1, 2018 12:44 pm

We might be in the season of the year when everyone is planning for festive fun, but what have you got lined up for the New Year? If you are set to wed, you could start 2019 with a bang by scheduling your nuptials for January, when you could also net a significant discount on one of our wedding packages!

From January right through to the end of March 2019, we will be offering 10% off any of our services. Yes, that’s a price cut to our whole range of offerings, extending right through to our wedding packages that are especially suited to fairytale-themed ceremonies.

Our Cinderella package has everything but the glass slipper

You shall go to the ball – and the wedding, for that matter, with our Cinderella package. This includes 80 Lycra chair covers, 80 chair sashes, a starlit top table swag, a top table centrepiece/arrangement, eight table mirrors and scatter crystals.

Alternatively, you might fancy stepping up to our Belle package. This has all of the contents of the Cinderella package, as well as a vintage Victorian post box to add further elegance to your wedding proceedings. We can even fill a cart with sweets for as many as 80 guests.

Usually, you would have to pay £395 for our Cinderella package and £550 for the Belle option. Meanwhile, to each of these packages, you could add a starlight backdrop and matching cake table skirt at a further cost of £100 – but all of this is before you factor in the 10% discount…

With 10% shaved off the usual price of these ever-popular packages, your dream wedding could be within surprisingly easy financial reach. You’ll save the most if you choose our Ultimate package, which contains the Cinderella items and various other goodies.

There’s also plenty of scope for customisation with our weddings

As we allow you to choose from various separate elements for your nuptials, it’s as easy as you like to organise a wedding with us that will impress every attendee, while also being very ‘you’.

Get in touch with our bespoke wedding & event designers today to learn just how special your special day could be in January with a little help from Save the Date!