5 things you didn’t know about our Magic Mirror photobooths

February 12, 2020 12:11 pm

From “what’s that?” to “I really have to have one of those at my own wedding” in just a few short years, it’s fair to say that Magic Mirror photobooths have rapidly become quite the sensation.

But what are just five of the things that will help to make one of these fun photobooths a worthwhile addition to your own Essex, Hertfordshire or London wedding or other celebratory occasion?

They’re real head-turners

Resembling a full-length framed mirror, this photobooth definitely isn’t the drab kind that you might expect to have your passport photo taken in. Instead, with its contemporary LED-illuminated frame, it’s practically guaranteed to grab your guests’ attention and admiration at your event, and to get people talking.

They couldn’t be easier to use

Really, the guest just has to tap the mirror to get the process of taking fun snaps underway. They’ll be able to strike a pose in readiness for the countdown, and then have the resultant images immediately printed. It won’t take long for any of your attendees to get to grips with one of these unpretentious photobooths.

There are lots of ways to customise the image

It’s not just a case of your guests posing, saying ‘cheese’ and that’s it. That’s because they’ll also be able to pick between single and multi-shot photos, and even sign, draw or use themed icons on their photos before they are finally printed.

They come with a lot of fun props

All manner of items are provided with the Magic Mirror photobooth to give your event attendees an easy way to add some ‘spice’ to their photos. It’s just one more aspect of our Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex that will have your guests laughing, joking and enjoying their use of the photobooth well into the night.

They’re more affordable than you might think

Not only do we present you with the chance to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth on its own for a great-value price, but you can also have one as part of a wider package. Our current Ultimate Package, for example, gives you three hours’ hire of the photobooth – including a USB of all photos – together with the likes of lycra chair covers, table centrepieces, scatter crystals, a vintage Victorian post box, starlit backdrop, 14ftx14ft white starlit dancefloor… and so much more.

All in all, such ingredients help to make Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, London or Hertfordshire a true 21st-century party essential – not a mere ‘craze’!

Get in touch with the Save the Date team, then, by calling 07854 457776 or emailing, if you would like to find out more about how you can have one at your own wedding, party, corporate launch or similar event.



Our package deals enable you to get even more fun and value out of a Magic Mirror photobooth

February 6, 2020 9:39 am

Have you heard of the new craze that is the Magic Mirror photobooth? Well, actually, we should correct ourselves there – a Magic Mirror photobooth is hardly a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ fad. That’s because it actually takes two elements that we’re all familiar with – a photobooth and a full-length mirror – and turns them into what deserves to be an enduring party essential.

You might be on the lookout for something a bit special to spice up the mood at your upcoming wedding, engagement party, birthday bash, or other big event in London, Hertfordshire or Essex.

By that, we mean something to really get your attendees smiling, giggling and talking together – and yes, a Magic Mirror photobooth is perfect for all of those things. All that the guests at your event have to do, is tap away at the giant mirror to take photos of themselves – complete with fun props – that can even be printed straight away.

But it’s not just a Magic Mirror photobooth you might hire from us

If there’s one other really compelling reason to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth from Save the Date, however, it’s the fact that you can get even more enjoyment and value for money out of one when you take advantage of one of our well-priced package deals.

Those packages include, at the time of typing, the Ultimate Package, which includes everything from lycra chair covers, chair sashes and table centrepieces to a 14ft x 14ft white starlit dancefloor, up-lights and the Magic Mirror photobooth itself, for a mere £1,275.

But we also offer various other deals, such as the Gold and Party Packages, to which three hours’ hire of the Magic Mirror can be added for just £275 more.

Whichever package you do choose, included in the price is full set-up at your venue, provided that it is within a 25-mile radius of Hoddesdon.

Contact us about how we can truly ‘make’ your event

Whether you do hire a Magic Mirror photobooth as part of one of the aforementioned package deals, or instead on its own, you can expect the most professional, friendly and responsive service from the Save the Date team.

Remember, too, that hiring a Magic Mirror from us on its own could set you back as little as £400 at the time of typing, so we really do have a solution for every budget! Simply give us a call now, on 07854 457776, or email to learn more.



It isn’t just weddings that ‘Magic Mirrors’ are great for!

January 31, 2020 11:44 am

Some aspects of organising a special event in Essex like a wedding, engagement party, birthday party or other big bash, are unquestionably easier than others. You might already know what kind of ‘vibe’ you want the event in question to have, for example, and perhaps even the venue you would like to hire. The decor might be relatively straightforward to pick out, too.

After all, such aspects of your event as the above are likely to be ones that you have already spent many months, and perhaps even years thinking about.

So, it might be that if there are any particular sticking points you encounter when planning an event, it’s not actually the bigger details, but some of the smaller ones – such as whether you should hire a Magic Mirror photobooth.

A fun and versatile addition to all manner of events

Now, when we suggest to you the idea of Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, you might already know exactly what we mean… or you may be none the wiser as to what one of these fun photobooths actually is.

So, let’s get one thing out of the way first – we aren’t talking about those dull passport photobooths you’ll have seen in shopping centres. Instead, we’re referring to one of the most offbeat and enjoyable additions to the world of special event essentials in recent years.

At a glance, a Magic Mirror photobooth just looks like a giant framed mirror. But if you’ve ever looked closer at one, you will have noticed the ‘Touch And Smile’ text. This indicates the Magic Mirror’s true purpose of enabling people like you to tap away at the mirror and instantly create full-length photos, with the help of a range of fun accompanying props.

These photobooths aren’t just feature-filled – they’re also excellent value

Given that our Magic Mirror photobooths allow guests to take both single and multiple shots, choose between various backgrounds and even touch the screen to type their own text to add to the final image, you might not be surprised that these things have proved popular at events well beyond weddings.

Indeed, we’re delighted to offer affordable Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex to those organising not only weddings, but also birthday parties, engagement parties, promotional events, company parties and any other type of function.

Don’t forget, too, the comprehensive event packages that we also offer to make hiring items like the Magic Mirror an even better-value proposition.

If, then, you are looking to inject some real ‘fizz’ into your next special event in Essex – almost regardless of the type of event – it may be well worth looking into our Magic Mirror photobooth hire service. Simply call 07854 457776 or complete and submit our online contact form to learn more about how you can easily add a Magic Mirror to your own next event.



Simultaneously ‘old school’ and contemporary, there’s nothing quite like a Magic Mirror photobooth

January 21, 2020 11:59 am

Granted, you’ll have a lot of tough decisions to make when organising your wedding reception – what people to invite and who not to invite, for example, as well as which venue best captures the ‘vibe’ you and your beloved are interested in achieving, while still making financial sense.

On the subject of ‘vibes’, though, it can also be tricky sometimes to determine whether you want your wedding to feel traditional or modern.

We have some good news on that front – you don’t necessarily have to choose! Indeed, many of the couples that we serve across London, Hertfordshire and Essex here at Save the Date specifically decide to hold events that are a jaunty mix of both aesthetics.

And as for how you can achieve that feeling in your own wedding… well, there are few better steps than getting in touch with us to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth.

A fad, or a wedding enhancement of universal appeal? It’s sort-of both…

Magic Mirror photobooths have only started appearing at wedding receptions and other events – such as birthday and engagement parties, and even company parties and promotional events – in the last few years, but have become a very big deal, very quickly. As for the reasons why, well, part of their appeal is that they can be rather deceptive in appearance.

In fact, you might have previously attended an event featuring a Magic Mirror photobooth, that you simply walked past – such is its initial resemblance to the kind of framed full-length mirror you’re likely to find in all manner of manor houses and other prestigious historic wedding venues.

Or at least, you may have walked past, if it wasn’t for the near-certainty of the full-length mirror in question being surrounded by excited people, tapping away at it to take photos of themselves, that are then immediately printed out.

Yep – as traditional as a Magic Mirror photobooth may initially look, it’s as unashamedly modern in function as the smartphone in your pocket. It’s no wonder, then, that so many loved-up couples across Essex, London and Hertfordshire enquire to the Save the Date team about how much it would cost them to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth from us.

As for how much it would cost you…

…well, it doesn’t necessarily have to set you back very much at all to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth. This is especially so given that you can also hire one from us as part of a bigger, great-value wedding package that contains all of the other key items you’ll require.

So, why not add a touch of the old, new and – above all else – fun to your upcoming wedding in the south of England? It couldn’t be easier to call us now, on 07854 457776, or to email us to find out more about what the fuss is all about when it comes to Magic Mirrors!





Magic Mirror photobooths aren’t ‘just a craze’ – and here’s why

January 10, 2020 3:07 pm

Deciding on the right equipment and services to hire for your upcoming wedding, birthday party, promotional launch or other major event can be tricky enough even without the added pressure of sorting the fads from the seriously worthy stuff.

That’s why, even here at Save the Date, we can absolutely understand some people’s reasons for hesitating when they look into the idea of Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, London or Hertfordshire.

What tends to separate flashes-in-the-pan from more enduringly popular wedding and party practices, however, is the fact that the latter has a certain timeless worth. So, we thought we’d look at a few of the reasons why Magic Mirror photobooths are not only popular now, but are also likely to remain so for many years to come.

They provide a great social focal point

Let’s face it – not everyone is a natural party animal who can’t wait to strut their stuff on the dancefloor. Some people like to be able to while away the hours at a wedding, engagement or birthday party in a manner that doesn’t feel awkward for them – and Magic Mirror photobooths can be great for giving them something to talk about in the company of fellow guests.

They provide a memento… or several

The Magic Mirror photobooths that you can hire from ourselves here at Save the Date aren’t just fun and easy to use – they also produce quite literal results straight away. Two sets of prints are produced for each photo taken – one for your own album, and another for the guest who took the picture. This way, you’ll both have a lovely keepsake to remind the two of you of this special event for months, years and perhaps even decades.

They have plenty of visual appeal themselves

Great aesthetics never go out of fashion, which is just one more reason why Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, Hertfordshire and London isn’t a mere craze for the Instagram age. After all, social media or no social media, there will be people taking photos of your event and sharing them both immediately and in the future. Our Magic Mirror photobooths look like actual traditional full-length mirrors, albeit with an amazing LED frame that lights up from the inside. So, you can be sure of yours dazzling and intriguing every attendee of your event ‘on the day’, too.

The above three suggestions are not the only conceivable reasons why you may be intrigued by the idea of hiring a Magic Mirror photobooth from us. Indeed, we suspect you might have a few more to add to the list once you’ve experienced this wonderful essential for yourself at your own next event!

Get in touch with the Save the Date team now, and we can help to make that a reality for you in 2020 – whatever the nature of your upcoming special occasion, launch or party.