Your event attendees will feel like stars on one of our white starlit dancefloors

March 20, 2019 11:03 am

Sometimes in life, it’s the simple things that make all of the difference – and certainly, there are few of us who don’t like to boogie from time to time.

Dancing is one of the greatest pleasures in life, so why not give the guests at your birthday party, wedding reception, corporate celebration or similar event what they want, in the form of one of our LED dance floors?

There are so many great reasons to hire a dance floor from us

You might be wondering, right about now… if I’m hosting a party like the above, do I even necessarily need to hire a dance floor?

Well, turning to us for white starlit dancefloor hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London will certainly help to keep the existing floor at your venue in the same good condition in which you found it. It’ll also provide a spectacular visual focal point that’ll really stand out in photos and videos, as well as – most importantly – encourage people to strut their stuff.

Then, there are the other aspects of our service that you are likely to appreciate when you hire a dance floor from Save the Date, including the fact that we clean our dancefloors at the beginning and end of every use.

It might not seem like a massive request that a dance floor simply be supplied clean. However, you’d be surprised by the number of specialists in white starlit dancefloor hire in Essex, London or Hertfordshire that fail to take such care in the service they provide!

Alternatively, consider a broader package

We realise, as well as any company specialising in hire services like our own here at Save the Date, that it can be easy to forget or overlook certain vital things when you are gathering together all of those wedding, party or event essentials.

This is why it may also interest you to learn of the assortment of packages we offer, such as our Ultimate Package that combines one of our 14ft x 14ft white starlit dance floors with a starlit backdrop, sweet cart, Magic Mirror photobooth, and so much more.

Drop the Save the Date team a line today, and you’ll soon learn that when it comes to white starlit dancefloor hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London, we’re the only company you’ll ever need to trust!


Hire our Magic Mirror photobooth to add some selfie fun to your big bash

March 6, 2019 4:47 pm

Whatever the nature of your upcoming celebration – including whether it is a baby shower, birthday party, wedding reception or something else entirely – you can guarantee that all of your guests will be snapping away to preserve the memory. So, why leave them all peering into their phones, when you can instead give them something so much more spectacular?


Yep – we’re referring to the genius invention that is the Magic Mirror photobooth! These things have become a common sight lately at parties throughout London, Hertfordshire and Essex, and we can hardly blame anyone for wanting one at their next bash.


Hire a Magic Mirror photobooth for your own engagement party, corporate event or other upcoming party from Save the Date, and you’ll get so much more than a focal point that will attract anyone and everyone’s attention.


How do Magic Mirror photobooths work, then?


Well, it’s certainly not like your average passport photo booth. For one thing, we’ve never seen any passport photobooths with such a magnificent LED frame, or even the kind of fun props that we supply with our Magic Mirror photobooths. Oh, and they tower from the floor towards the ceiling, which enables everyone to have a full-length photo taken of that outfit they spent so long choosing.


Furthermore, it couldn’t possibly be more straightforward to use one. A Magic Mirror photobooth from us consists of a touchscreen – like a giant iPhone, basically – that you simply need to touch to activate. Then, you just strike a pose in readiness for the countdown.


Our Magic Mirror photobooths give you a choice of a single or multi shot photo, and even once the picture has been taken, the user can sign or draw on the image, or even add themed icons to their photos before the photo booth prints them out.


Just one of our highly acclaimed services


Hire a Magic Mirror photobooth from us for the typical three-hour hire period, and we’ll also provide an experienced attendant to help everyone at your party to get the most out of the photobooth, and within 14 days of the event, a USB stick will be sent containing all images taken on the night.


Remember that the Magic Mirror photo booth is also included in several of our highly rated packages, such as the Gold and Ultimate packages. Complete and submit our online contact form or call 07854 457776 to receive a price, and to learn more about how this innovative device could help to make your looming celebration one for every attendee to remember!



It’ll only take a bit of tech to get your guests partying like it’s 2019

March 6, 2019 4:46 pm

Do you remember all of the fuss about the ‘Millennium bug’? Whatever your experiences may have been and whether you were worried or not, thankfully, it all turned out to be a bit of a damp squib.


In fact, since 1999, the advance of technology hasn’t just improved our experiences while sat in front of our home computers… it’s helped to make our parties and other special occasions even more special, too.


For a few examples of what we mean, just take a look at two of the technologically sophisticated products that become party essentials in recent years: the LED dancefloor and the Magic Mirror.


Your attendees will feel like stars on our starlit dancefloor


Whether or not the DJ happens to play “1999” at your wedding reception, birthday party, engagement bash or similar celebratory occasion, your guests won’t be able to resist busting a move or seven on one of our spectacular white starlit dancefloors.


An LED dance floor will certainly turn heads at your chosen party venue, making it look like a Top of the Pops set and giving your event photographer some wonderful visuals to work with – not least the chance to snap your friends and family strutting to their heart’s content.


However, when you turn to a company like Save the Date for LED dancefloor hire in Hertfordshire, Essex or London, it’ll be all of the small and mundane things you appreciate at least as much as the spectacular appearance of the dancefloor itself.


We provide our starlit dancefloors in an assortment of sizes, for instance, starting at 10x10ft and continuing right up to 24x24ft. Oh, and we also take care to clean our dancefloors after each use, and will even deliver, set up and polish it for you.


Mirror, mirror, in an LED frame…


OK, that saying may not have quite the same ring as “mirror, mirror, on the wall”, but your attendees will certainly feel like “the fairest of them all” when they have a play around with the stunning Magic Mirror photobooth you can hire from us.


It’s a photobooth, but so much more glamorous and fun than the kind of thing you get your passport photos taken in. All that your guests have to do is touch the screen, grab some of the props already provided, and say “cheese” as they pose for a full-length photo.


But it all gets even better than that. Take advantage of our Ultimate package, for example, and you can hire a white starlit dance floor, Magic Mirror photobooth and so much more for your special event, including the likes of a love heart light-up arch and nicely stocked sweet cart, for a much more reasonable price than you might have expected.


It’s all of the technology that you could possibly need to hold the most memorable celebration during 2019, and it’s all available right now from Save the Date! Simply contact our team today to learn more about Magic Mirror and LED dancefloor hire in Hertfordshire, London or Essex from us.


As for which song “1999” we were referring to above… well, we’ll leave you to take your pick between Prince or Charli XCX and Troye Sivan. Or may we humbly suggest both?



Say it with flowers this month – all over your wall…

February 12, 2019 11:11 am

What could possibly ‘complete’ your dream baby shower, christening, birthday, wedding or corporate event better than some gorgeous flowers? After all, everyone seems to love flowers. But here at Save the Date, we aren’t suggesting merely a bunch, but instead an entire wall of them!

Yep – we’re the go-to company for flower wall hire in London, not least because we have such a great range of options, ready and waiting in our stock for people like you.

You may like the idea of having our Classic Ivory flower wall at your event for a classy and timeless look, or perhaps our pink flower wall, Amy. But we can also bring you our Kimmy wall, which is a light wall with mixed flowers, as well as the Lola wall constructed from mixed flowers and foliage.

Not only great flower walls, but also great deals

If you’re seeking out the best company for flower wall hire in London right now, you might also be interested in the various extras, discounts and packages that we can offer to make those pennies go even further in the organisation of your event.

We can help you to keep the flower theme going throughout your event, for example, when you hire our floral table plans and welcome signs that beautifully match your flower wall. Bespoke colours are available to help to ensure they perfectly complement whatever flower wall you specify.

Then, there is our dedicated baby shower package to consider, combining a flower wall with light-up BABY, BOY or GIRL letters and baby boxes for just £250 in total. On that subject, you only need to click through to discover the full range of baby shower packages that we can currently bring you.

Last but not least, we’re also offering a 10% discount on all of our services hired before the end of this month. Act quickly, then, and you could save even more when planning your very special event.

We’re the place to come for all of your London event essentials

Wherever in London you’re planning to host your special event, and whatever your ambitions and budget – or for that matter, whether you’re necessarily holding your event in the capital at all – Save the Date can be at the ready to help you to make it memorable for all of the right reasons.

To learn more about how we can serve you as specialists in flower wall hire in London, Essex or Hertfordshire, simply complete and submit our straightforward online contact form or give us a call on 07854 457776 now.


Spell it out in big light-up letters for the attendees of your Essex or Hertfordshire event!

January 29, 2019 12:06 pm

Let’s face it: even the most special and memorable party can sometimes be made to look like it must have been a little dull in the photos that you look back on later. When we say ‘dull’, though, we aren’t necessarily talking about your beloved auntie or uncle droning on for too long with an uninteresting anecdote at the wedding. Instead, we’re referring to much more literal illumination.

Yes, that’s right – we’re talking about the lighting at your event! It’s an issue for those hosting not only weddings, but also the likes of birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, children’s parties, charity events and even corporate bashes throughout Essex and Hertfordshire.

Don’t worry, though – we’ll have you sorted quite nicely here at Save the Date, when you turn to our team for light-up letters hire in Hertfordshire or Essex.

There are just so many ways to say it…

Lighting is obviously a major visual element or focal point at an event like those we’ve mentioned above. However, there’s also the small matter of being able to spell out something important to those attending. Well, our utterly stunning light-up letters allow you to cater to both priorities.

We’ve got light-up letters covering the entire alphabet, in fact, and all of the numbers, too. That means you can say anything you want to say when you choose us for light-up letters hire in Hertfordshire or Essex.

That message could be ‘LOVE’, ‘DANCE’, ‘I DO’, someone’s age, or the shared name of you and your beloved. If the latter sounds like a great idea to you, we’ve even got a Mr&Mrs topper that you can place on top of your surname when it is spelt out by our illuminated letters.

Don’t forget our rustic light-up letters, too

If you are looking to spell out ‘LOVE’ in a venue that suits more natural or ‘earthy’ shades of decoration, it’s well worth considering the gorgeous, handcrafted, four-foot-tall rustic light-up letters that we can also supply.

Nor should you overlook that for all of our services hired between January and March 2019, we’re currently offering a very handy 10% discount. It’s just one more reason why Save the Date is such a great option for light-up letters hire in Hertfordshire, Essex or London!