Neon signage – the trend that’ll light up your wedding in 2020

November 4, 2019 10:22 am

Neon signs have been seen in so many places and contexts down the years – think contemporary art exhibitions, nightclub walls, and even as a way of highlighting where the toilets are at events venues and bars. But if there’s one thing that neon signage has always been, it’s cool.

It should hardly be surprising, then, that neon wedding sign hire has become such a massively in-demand service lately among the hipper couples out there.

And with a little help from Save the Date, you could be one of those couples to use such a sign or two to really illuminate your nuptials, in more ways than one.

A real head-turner on your special day

There are many reasons why you may consider neon wedding sign hire. You might be looking around your decorated venue and get the sense there’s still just that little something missing… a cool focal point for your visitors and photographer, perhaps. Or maybe you’re especially interested in having something on the wall of your venue that’ll look amazing on Instagram.

Whatever – a neon sign can be just the thing, especially given that here at Save the Date, we can also dress yours with flowers to really help you to achieve the sweet look you’re after.

We presently offer a choice of two fun slogans for a neon wedding sign – ‘Happily Ever After’ and ‘Til Death Do Us Party’ – with both sporting a copper frame. In short, they’re guaranteed to be one of the head-turners at your wedding celebration, helped by their versatility – you really can place them pretty much anywhere around your venue to add interest and quirkiness to the decor.

But it’s just one of the many things we can provide for your celebration

With our highly rated event packages also enabling you to hire everything from lycra chair covers and table centrepieces to a Magic Mirror photobooth and starlit dancefloor for your special day, there’s no need to look further than Save the Date for all of the good-value essentials.

We help to ensure that weddings and other events throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and London look as jaw-dropping as they deserve to be, creating all of the magic desired by those organising them.

Simply call the Save the Date team now on 07854 457776, or send us an email to discuss how we can assist you in putting together a wedding that every attendee will remember for the fondest reasons for many years to come.



5 tips for holding a successful Hertfordshire promotional event

September 23, 2019 1:53 pm

Promotional events have long been a great way to generate a real ‘buzz’ about a brand, product or service – and let’s face it, there can surely be few better parts of England in which to organise one than Hertfordshire. This green and historic county offers no shortage of enchanting backups for such an event, which will help all of your event attendees to remember it for the right reasons.

There are definitely certain things that you can do to boost your chances of event success still further, though. Here are just some of them.

Decide what the purpose of the event is

Before you even think about the venue that you might like to book or the budget, you need to be sure what your reasons are for actually holding the promotional event. After all, these things will impact on how you spend your limited budget in the first place. Will your event be a learning or educationally-themed one, for instance, or will it be mainly an interactive or even charity event?

Set realistic goals for the event

A key factor in ensuring your Hertfordshire promotional event is a successful one, is setting goals for it that are realistically achievable. So, be sure to put together a solid marketing plan, addressing such things as your target audience for the event, the kind of impression you want to make on these would-be guests, and any other desired measurable outcomes, such as sign-ups or sales generated.

Come up with the little touches that’ll make it unique

Memorability is obviously something that you will want your promotional event to deliver, but key to ensuring this will also be social ‘buzz’ in the run-up to the event and on the day. Maybe you could organise something like a photo caption contest or scavenger hunt, with prizes – such as VIP experiences or free tickets – that aren’t on offer anywhere else? Or what about presenting special offers or discounts for your brand’s products or services that, again, can only be accessed by those in attendance at the event?

Give it the promotion it deserves

Have you come up with a one-of-a-kind hashtag that will assist everyone promoting and discussing your event on social media? Do you have an event page on Facebook, or even perhaps a dedicated Twitter account for the event? Do the key influencers in your industry know about the event, and have they put the word out among their own followers and contacts that the event is happening?

Consider a Magic Mirror photobooth

You might have heard a fair bit about ‘Magic Mirrors’; they’re also sometimes referred to as ‘Selfie Mirrors’, and are among the ‘big new things’ that have been helping to illuminate promotional events across Hertfordshire, Essex and London. If you’re situated in any of the aforementioned areas of the country, in fact, and would like to hire a Magic Mirror photobooth, we can give you a great price for three hours’ hire, thereby also helping to bring more fun to your promotional event.

Would you like to find out more about how the Save the Date team can assist in making your Hertfordshire promotional event a hugely memorable one that delivers the outcomes your business or organisation desires? If so, simply give us a call now, on 07854 457776, or send us an email.



3 tips for making your London birthday party the best you’ve ever had

September 9, 2019 10:56 am

You might think that if you’re fortunate enough to have the luxury of holding a birthday party in the British capital, its success will already be more-or-less guaranteed – after all, there’s just so much for you and your guests to see and do in London.

But of course, that’s never actually the case. There’s still plenty that you’ll need to address if you are to organise an event that leaves you and everyone present with only the warmest memories – so here are some of our favourite tips for ensuring precisely that.

Choose a venue with a built-in activity

London’s obviously quite the place for ‘quirky’ venues – think rooftop bars, nightspots situated in converted historic warehouses, individualistic comedy clubs and more – but don’t just opt for somewhere ‘unusual’ for the sake of it.

Instead, consider what activities are simple and easy to do at the given venue, and that the venue has a good reputation of providing, to help to ensure there’s never a dull moment at your London birthday celebration.

Carefully consider everyone’s musical tastes

Sure, there might be certain tracks that you definitely want to have played at the party, or even a specific band that you fancy booking. But it’s also important to think about your guests’ likely preferences and expectations, particularly in line with whatever ‘theme’ your party might have.

If you’ve got an early 20th-century speakeasy theme in mind for your party, for instance, you might put together a big band and swing playlist. Or maybe you’ve got more of a ‘70s or ‘80s theme in mind? In that case, you might want to request that guests bring along their favourite pop, rock, funk and soul vinyl records from the era, and have your best turntable waiting for them at the venue.

Hire a dazzling LED dance floor

While we’re on the subject of the music at your London party, if there’s any definite way to ensure fun at such a celebratory event, it’s giving your attendees an obvious opportunity to have fun. An aesthetically appealing dance floor can give your party exactly that.

However, LED dancefloor hire in London isn’t just about marking out a clear space for dancing. That’s because it can also be central to the visual appeal of your party, with the starlit dance floors that we provide here at Save the Date quite literally lighting up the room – and sure to look fabulous in all of the photos your guests will inevitably take and post on social media.

Remember, too, that we can provide LED dancefloors in an assortment of dimensions – from 10x10ft to 24x24ft – to suit the numbers of guests you will be expecting at your London birthday party. Oh, and they represent great value, too, as you’ll find out when you contact us for a quote.

In fact, we can present all manner of wider packages for whatever celebration you have in mind, priced to lessen your stress and maximise peace of mind when organising your event. So, why not get in touch with our professional and friendly team now to find out more about the essentials that we can provide for your next London party?



Magic Mirror photobooths: a craze, or here to stay?

August 29, 2019 11:54 am

Given what we’ve all long gotten used to the idea of weddings being – think conservative, traditional, staid – it’s fascinating that in recent years, so many people have gone beyond simply hiring a venue, photographer and videographer for their nuptials, by also adding a Magic Mirror photobooth to that list.

If you’ve somehow not heard of Magic Mirror photobooths yet, they’re pretty much what they sound like – giant mirrors that also act like photobooths. To use it, a guest simply has to walk up to it, touch the screen, select their preferred prop and then pose for the camera!

But for many of those curious about Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London – a service we provide for all manner of couples here at Save the Date – it’s also easy to wonder whether these fancy things are just a ‘flash in the pan’.

Well, here are some very good reasons why they aren’t.

They inject fun and informality into your wedding

As we touched on above, it’s easy for weddings to be a little straitlaced, but they really don’t need to be – especially at the reception. It’s inevitable that at certain points during your reception, some of your attendees might get a little bored, with their attentions wandering.

Well, by taking advantage of Magic Mirror photobooth hire for your Essex, London or Hertfordshire wedding, you can keep them intrigued, smiling and giggling right through to the end of the night!

They enable great memories to be captured forever

Just think about how many weddings some of your guests are probably present at each year… how on Earth could they possibly remember them all? Well, they’ll certainly recall your reception a little more easily when there’s a Magic Mirror photobooth at the event.

We’ve been taking photos of ourselves and each other for posterity since photography was invented – and certainly long before the days of Facebook and Instagram! A Magic Mirror photobooth gives your guests an easy way of doing that at your wedding, while also having a huge amount of fun.

They get people talking – offline and online

We mentioned social media above, and it’s true that when you have a Magic Mirror photobooth at your reception, the users of the photobooth will be able to quickly create images that they might even opt to share on social media for continued appreciation long after the celebrations are over.

Even at the event itself, though, one of these striking and quirky photobooths will prompt excited chatter among your guests, especially as they take turns to try it for themselves.

So, Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Essex, Hertfordshire and London… it’s not just available from Save the Date right now, but it’s also likely to remain a permanent fixture of the wedding and party scene for many years to come.

To get in on the fun, it couldn’t be easier for you to contact our professional and friendly team – or why not consult our range of special event packages to make the most of even greater value?



5 questions to ask yourself when planning an engagement party

August 12, 2019 4:11 pm

Are you the kind of person who makes any excuse for a party? Well, the confirmation that you and your beloved will be tying the knot definitely sounds like a good enough excuse to us! So, be sure to ask yourself the below questions to ensure you get every detail of your preparations just right.

When will I be holding the party?

While the traditional time for a couple to hold an engagement party is at the same time they make the general announcement, this isn’t always practically possible. So really, any time between the moment you get engaged and the wedding will perfectly suffice – although we would suggest a Friday or Saturday night, so that your guests don’t have to worry so much about getting up early the next day.

Who will I invite?

Tradition also comes into play here, with the engagement party guests usually being the wedding guests. But of course, this tends to be the case for very practical reasons too, as you won’t want to create expectation that is then awkwardly dashed by inviting someone to your engagement party, but not your wedding. Other than that, there are no hard-and-fast rules about who you should and shouldn’t invite – just think family, friends and whoever else you wish to invite.

Where will I hold the party?

Everyone’s tastes are different when it comes to something as personal as an engagement party, so we would suggest that you follow your instincts on this one. For every couple who lean towards the idea of a more extravagant party at a fairytale venue, there’s another couple who are just as happy organising something ‘down to earth’ at their local pub or restaurant. Don’t forget about those quirky venue options such as art galleries or skyscrapers, either.

Who will be in charge of what?

Depending on just how formal and luxurious you expect your engagement party to be, there may be the need to assign roles and responsibilities to different people. Will someone be making formal introductions between guests who don’t know each other? Do you need to have a specific person in charge of looking after the engagement gifts you receive? What about, if you aren’t hiring a professional photographer or videographer, having a few friends or relatives snap or record the evening’s celebrations for posterity?

What will I be doing for entertainment?

Again, there’s a lot that you can do here, but music is likely to be key to getting the jubilant atmosphere just right. You might have acoustic sounds playing if you want your event to have a more understated vibe, or if the evening will be all about getting people on the dancefloor… well, you’ll need to hire the perfect dancefloor. That’s where white starlit dancefloor hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London from the Save the Date team is likely to prove invaluable.

In fact, why not give us a call on 07854 457776 or send us a message right now to learn more about how we can help to make your engagement party one you will remember for only the finest reasons for many years to come?