It’s the latest ‘must have’ for your celebratory event: a flower wall!

August 9, 2018 2:34 pm

You might have heard a fair bit about flower walls over the past few months and years – indeed, it seems that they’re increasingly frequently mentioned whenever someone has a christening, birthday or baby shower to organise. But why are they causing so much fuss, and why should you trust only Save the Date for all things flower wall hire in Essex, London or Hertfordshire?

First of all… they’re simply gorgeous!

Hammer the term ‘flower wall’ into YouTube, and you’ll begin to see why so many people are coming to love flower walls. These floral backdrops are pretty, fun and a lovely form of decoration for all manner of events, ranging from weddings and engagement celebrations to corporate events, and you’ve got some especially good reasons to hire yours from ourselves here at Save the Date.

For one thing, we give you a lot of choice. Not only do we enable you to hire a standard ivory flower wall right now – this being our main flower wall – but we can also provide a bespoke flower wall that is ivory with blue ombre or pink, peach and blue ombre.

Such options enable you to have the perfect flower wall for almost any celebration or special event that you may be organising. Whatever flower wall you hire from us, in fact, you can expect your attendees to be marvelling at it from the start to the end of your event, and it’ll make a great focal point for all of those inevitable photos and videos, too.

We’re constantly giving you new options for your event

If you’ve previously taken advantage of any of our other services here at Save the Date – such as light up number or LED dance floor hire – you’ll know what we’re about; a comprehensive, professional and friendly service that really does give you everything you could require for your next bash.

Those making us their choice for flower wall hire in Essex, Hertfordshire or London right now might also be interested in knowing about our matching flower frames, which we are happy to adapt to suit table plans or welcome signs.

Why not use our convenient online contact form or give us a call today, on 07854 457 776, to find out more about all of the things we can do to make your upcoming celebration one you will remember for only the finest reasons for years to come?













Hire the light up letters that will truly illuminate your next bash

July 26, 2018 11:33 am

How many of us wouldn’t love to see our name up in lights? Admittedly, we can’t make you a movie or West End star – you’ll have to achieve that bit on your own – but we can at least give you the next best thing, in the form of our beautiful light up letters available for hire for your next event!

We do everything to the letter (sorry)

It’s easy to see why so many people choose to hire light up letters from us. After all, they’re guaranteed to add quite the ‘wow’ factor as soon as your guests walk into the room. Plus, they’re wonderfully versatile, enabling you to spell out pretty much anything you want.

Such characteristics make our light up letters ideal for almost every kind of event or celebration, ranging from birthdays and children’s parties to charity events and business functions. Plus, their impact can be maximised yet further when you combine them with a few of our five-feet-tall light up numbers!

Letters and numbers for almost any occasion

When you wish to hire light up letters and numbers that have been handcrafted for quality and impact, you really can’t do better than those we can supply for you here at Save the Date.

In addition to the above examples, they can be an excellent choice for enhancing a christening, wedding, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. You might choose to use yours in so many different ways to help to create the perfect celebratory mood for your event.

Indeed, we give you so many options for achieving just the right look with our light up letters and numbers. You may wish to use our ‘Mr & Mrs’ topper on other letters to spell out the surname of you and your beloved, for instance, or if the venue you have in mind for your event is of a slightly more ‘rustic’ nature, why not enquire about our four-feet-tall rustic ‘LOVE’ letters?

That’s before we’ve even mentioned our fabulous 7.8-feet-high Love Heart Arch, which could be just the thing to position above a wedding cake or to serve as a focal point on the dance floor. Like our light up letters and numbers, it looks quite stunning in photos, too.

Organising an event in London, Hertfordshire or Essex? Get in touch now

Almost wherever you are in the South East, we can provide the light up letters and numbers that will help to make your next bash one to remember for all of the right reasons! So, why not learn more today by giving us a call on 07854 457 776 or filling in and submitting our handy contact form?















Get everyone boogieing at your event with one of our stunning LED dance floors!

July 11, 2018 2:33 pm

When you want your Essex birthday party, wedding reception or similar function or event to be one that every attendee will remember for all of the right reasons, there’s one thing that you simply must hire above all else: a spectacular LED dance floor.

As it happens, we are real experts in LED dancefloor hire in Essex here at Save the Date, and when you experience one for yourself – and much more importantly, every friend and family member of yours busting a move on it – you’ll realise just why we love them so much!

So, what makes an LED white starlit dance floor so special?

Part of the reason is obvious – the opportunity that it gives you to literally ‘light up the night’, turning your big do into a convincing reincarnation of Studio 54 itself!

An LED dance floor could be what turns the whole atmosphere of your event from ‘pretty good’ to ‘barnstorming’, while providing plenty of photography opportunities as your event guests shuffle across the floor or try their best moonwalk. There’s just nothing else that gives your event such a ‘wow’ factor as an LED white starlit dance floor.

No less important, though, is exactly who you hire your LED dance floor from.

Hire your dancefloor from only the most trustworthy company

Before you start browsing elsewhere online for LED dancefloor hire in Essex and simply pick out whatever firm offers the cheapest option, it’s important to note that not all providers are equal.

You may not have realised, for example, that not all of our competitors even clean their starlit dance floors at the beginning and end of each use. Nor do they necessarily deliver, set up and polish the floor as we do, so that it is ready to use straight away.

We are also proud to be able to offer our LED white starlit dance floors in all manner of sizes, ranging from 10x10ft (3.1×3.1m) for parties of as many as 60 guests and around 25 dancers, right up to 18x18ft (5.5×5.5m). The latter is a great choice when you have invited about 250 people and expect approximately 80 dancers to be using it at any one time.

The hire of a dance floor can even be provided within one of our highly rated packages. It all means that when you are in need of the most dependable option for LED dancefloor hire in Essex, Save the Date is the company that you can place the utmost faith in!




A Magic Mirror Photo Booth Could Be The Perfect Finishing Touch To Your Hertfordshire Event

June 27, 2018 9:43 am

Let’s face it – it’s not every day that you have a big event like a wedding, birthday party, promotional event or other function or celebration to organise. There are certainly a lot of decisions that you will need to get right, ranging from the venue and transport, right through to your outfit for the big occasion and perhaps a photographer or two to document it all.

But on the subject of photography, there’s something else well worth investing in that would enable your event attendees to produce their very own photos of themselves in their best garb to take home.

Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the latest phenomenon to have swept Hertfordshire and beyond – a Magic Mirror photo booth, otherwise known as a selfie mirror!

Choose Save the Date for Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Hertfordshire

Pretty much regardless of where you’re holding your event in this beautiful part of England, a Magic Mirror photo booth could be the ideal finishing touch.

It’s not a dingy photobooth, like the kind you’d take your passport photo in. In fact, it’s quite literally a mirror that everyone who encounters it can use to print photos of themselves and their fellow attendees. Just imagine all of the fun possibilities!

These selfie mirrors have become all the rage across Hertfordshire in recent times, and we can’t say we’re exactly surprised. After all, with its frame consisting of LED lights, you’ll definitely notice one if you come across it, and it really couldn’t be easier to use.

All that your event guests have to do is ‘touch and smile’ with their friends, in readiness for the countdown to the shot. However, it gets even more enjoyable than that, as props are also provided if your attendees wish to pose with them for the photo.

Once the snap has been taken, users of the Magic Mirror can choose between a single or multi-shot image, and even use the screen to sign or draw on the picture or add themed icons before the result is finally printed.

We don’t know about you, but all of that definitely sounds like a ‘Magic’ Mirror to us!

Don’t miss out on having one at your own big event!

With Magic Mirror photobooth hire in Hertfordshire from Save the Date including three hours’ unlimited use, all manner of fun props and the delivery of a USB stick with all images sent within 14 days of the event, you don’t need to look anywhere else for this perfect addition to your event.

Why not enquire to us today about hiring one, by completing and submitting our simple online contact form or giving us a call on 07854 457776?



June 20, 2018 8:39 pm


Due to popular demand & our ever growing business we have NEW services & products to hire!


We receive so many requests for Flower Walls we have now got not one but 3 options!

We have our ‘Elegant White’ Flower Wall, our ‘Blue & Ivory’ Flower Wall & last but not least our ‘Ombre’ Flower wall to hire for all occasions of all colour schemes. If you have a Baby Shower, Christening, Wedding, Party, Engagement or just any reason to celebrate then we have a few choices for you….keep your eyes peeled for some pictures of our new products and keep a look out for more info on these….


In addition to our New Flower Walls we have our matching Flower Frames. These can be adapted to suit Table Plans, Welcome Signs adding decal personalised plans or pretty plans on cards done by us here at Save the Date HQ.


Last but not least we have our Beautiful Baby Boxes in clear acrylic cubes that can be filled with balloons to the colour of your choice. So if you know you having a baby boy then you can fill with blue balloons, pink for a girl or even yellow or gold if you still don’t know the gender of your little bundle of joy. Or why don’t we do the Gender Reveal for you? Give us the slip from your Gender Scan and we can supply the boxes wrapped up ready for you to reveal!!! How exciting!